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Driver profile Kenny Kizzar, Crate driver

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June 2010
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A racer at heart…. that is how Kenny Kizzar described himself in 3 words… and it seems he really is. Kenny is the driver of the A-1 Crate late model.

Kenny Kizzar talks with Booger Brooks

Kenny is in his first full season with the Crate class, and he is proving to be a driver who is more than ready to win. Already robbed of a win earlier this year over a dispute over the rules and a protest, but it has not dampened his spirit one little bit. He is ready to race!

Kenny comes to crates after 3 years in the frontrunner class, where he dominated the field every time he showed up. Realizing he wanted to move up he found himself sitting in the A-1 Car owned my Mike and Teresa Simmons , owners of A-1 Towing and repair in Chattanooga Tn. And after a trip to Dale McDowell’s school he has come out ready to go.

This is not Kenny Kizzar’s first foray into racing, no sir, this man is in the Motocross Hall Of Fame, an accomplished Motocross racer who spent 12 years riding and winning, he brings a new look to dirt racing, a new spin on things. Kenny watches the dirt, and from his days riding motocross he learned how to read tracks and choose his tires, this has sure helped him in Crate’s he has been in the top 5 almost everytime he has run this year.]

Away from the dirt car’s you will find Kenny messing with old Jeeps and his rock crawlers .

Married to his wife Julia, for 13 years they live in Graysville Tn. , Kenny has 2 sons Andrew 21 and James 20. Kenny says the thing he likes about racing is the going fast part,

the thing he dislikes about racing is the drama and finishing last….Kenny says that his determination makes his the driver he is, and he is getting better each time in the car, making his biggest goal for the year, of winning a race seem like it is just around the corner.

Kenny would like to give special thanks to Mike and Teresa Simmons the car owners who believed in him and his driving ability. He would like to thank his crew Daniel and Michael Grider for all they do so he can go racing, and especially his wife Julia, who keeps things together.

Kenny would like to thank his sponsors, A-1 Towing and Service Center, AAA Auto club, Don’s Foreign Car repair.

The PPM Chassis, 604 Crate motor A-1 is crewed by the Grider Boys Pit Crew.


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1 Comment

  1. Anthony Worley says:

    You could not find a more honest or reliable man than Kenny.

    If he can’t give 200%, he is the type that will hang it up.

    Our family love Kenny and Julia. They are our best friends. Family, by just being there for anyone when they are in need

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