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NGS Mid-Season Championships -Hobby’s

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June 2010
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The Mid-Season championships started with the hobby class last night, and what a show with some super fast racing in all classes.

T39 Tim Totherow

With the threat of rain in the area, the track done all they could to get all races in , in a timely manner and it worked! Rain fell as pictures were being taken for the last feature winner.

There was some controversy in the heats of Mod Hobby as the first heat was finishing, the second heat was ready to pull out on the track, the official gave the first car to go out the signal to go, so the 20 of Devin Stuart pulled onto the track only to make contact with the car of Tommy Cagle who had just crossed the finish line. The car of Stuart was damaged as was the #69 car of Cagle, both cars requiring the hook to get off the track. Each of the officials have a very hard job to do and when something goes wrong they are the one’s who catch the hell. With that being said, the call to send the 20 car of Stuart came from the tower, it was not the official in turn 1’s fault. Even though he caught the brunt of the flack. The 20 car of Stuart was sure to be a top 5 contender before this happened. In defense of the track, there has been a few bugs getting worked out as the season has progressed and I want everyone to know that the team of promoters have worked overtime, making things right with the racers, and working to prevent these things from happening in the future. So it may be easy to bash, and cast blame when something goes wrong, but these guys have bent over backwards to make things right so let’s not bash and cast blame, lets learn from the mistakes and make things better for the future.

The first feature of the night was the Econo Hobby with thew two heat winners of Eric Hamby and Ronnie Sanders on the front row bringing them to the green, and the show was on from there, with Hasmby’s red and black #21 take the early lead and never look back, although he did get quite a few challenges from the 17 of Ronnie Sanders. The T39 of Totherow showed he knows how to get it done at NGS running a very strong 3rd the 84 of Ronnie Brooks brought a full body car, and rounded out the top 4. Local points leader Joe Dockery in the D20 finished 5th.

The Modified Hobby feature was a barn burner too, with the Outlaw Nation 30 winner Donnie Farmer and Greg Brown making up the front row and bringing them to the green, Brown took the early lead, with the 07 of Farmer hot on his heels, Delbert Haynes in his first race with all 8 cylinders firing showed why he is a 3 time hobby Champion, by finding his line and using it to work his way to 3rd and stay there, but Jr. Whitner was not to be denied as he came from deep in the pack to lap after lap pick off cars and work his way to the top and taking the checkered flag for the win. Farmer finished 4th and Tim Ford rounded out the top 5. Tommy Cagle who was involved in the heat race crash, did not start neither did the 11 of Higgins or the 44 of Scott Anderson, Devin Stuart started at the rear but was never a contender in the race suffering from the damage he suffered in the heat race crash.

Limited saw the pole sitter Shannon Bearden bring them to the green with Devin Dilbeck hot on his bumper, but the 17 of Bearden was locked on win! And he fought off all challengers as he lead from wire to wire in a dominating win. Followed by Dilbeck and a very good run by the 41 of Jamie Lunsford, and the T6 Todd Hernandez run 4th. NGS 2 time track Champion Brian Burke has oiling issues and did not start the race, the 328 of Keith Jackson, the 80 of Scott Jackson, and the 55 of Brad Allen all failed to start the big show. The 71 of Spencer Singleton who usually runs up front found himself leaving on the hook.

Now the crate class …. once again it was TEAM 17 up front, every since this team showed up 3 weeks ago they have just dominated the place, with Jeff Smith in the 17S has 2 wins so far, Randy Hill has a 2nd and a 3rd, well Saturday night it was turned around with Randy Hill taking the checkered, followed by TEAM17 teammate Jeff Smith. 3 time winner this year Darrell Ownbey in the 12 car was 3rd and the A-1 of Kenny Kizzar filled out the top 4. It was Good to see Colby Kilgore back running the family #44 with his Dad Doug looking on. Colby had a good run in 6th after not being in the car for over a month.

The much anticipated Match race with the 27 of Grady Stokes and the A-1 of Jason Whitt, was run with grady Stokes walking away, the little A-1 wasn’t on at all it seemed, and Grady won with a 5 second lead after 5 laps.

Stock pony saw a front runner of Mike Arp take the win followed by the 41 of Lamar Cook, Arp bested the rest with a strong run, and since the little A-1 was moved up to mod Pony, the racing was pretty close. There were some heated moments after the race, but the 4 wheeler with the “Big Guy” on it shut it all down before it got started.

Mod Pony was a outstanding race with local Favorite Grady Stokes coming from the very back after a brush with the wall in his heat, where it sure looked like he had sponsors he was trying to show the fans on the BOTTOM of his car as he climbed the wall a few times down the front stretch, but he was not to be denied as he took the lead on lap 13 and never looked back. It was Grady Stokes taking the win followed by Ralph Langston, Wendell Ingram,and Seth Wilson filling out the top 4.

An excellent night of racing even though the track got dry slick and a bit dusty it was still great racing that NGS is so well known for. Well worth the $10 grandstand admission.

And remember I will pay your way in if you can send me a good usable picture of a Track Champion on the night he won and got his trophy. So get busy first one who sends picture gets it! One pass only.

Editor’s note: I have been approached by a few people the past couple weeks thanking me for doing what I do, write about the races, well, it is me who should be doing the thanking, thank you for reading my blog’s and post, thank you for the kind words each of you have sent me, thank you to all the drivers for talking to me and answering my questions, thank you to the track for all it has helped me with, the openness I have had when talking to drivers and officials has been amazing. Thanks to each of you who have done your part. It is an honor for me to write this stuff each week and well worth the work it takes when people tell me they like what I do.


the dr.

This was my 8 year old son’s first race from the pits and he wants to try his hand at blogging, so, later this week I will be posting “his” blog .. the races thru an 8 yr old’s eyes….



  1. digger dogger says:

    thanks mitch for all your write ups! your the best.. I like your honesty in all the blogs. Please keep them up sir.

  2. Ladybugist says:

    The comment by digger dogger—I second that—also looking forward to reading Doc Jrs’ blog—-then maybe Little Doc. Thanks Doc you do a very good job reporting racing.

  3. annabrown says:

    Information in the above column is very inaccurate/
    Greg Brown was the leader of 17 of the 20 laps.
    Don Farmer was NOT !!! hot on his heels. He was a good 5-6
    car lengths behind almost all of the 17 laps.
    When Greg Brown Fired on the Green everyone was left
    in the dust.. Brown’s engine was starting to heat up
    and lost some HP.
    Greg finished 2nd in the OUTLAW NATION TOPLESS RACE
    Look out guys ………. I taped the whole race from topside
    if anyone would like a copy…..

  4. annabrown says:

    I seem to disagree with some of the comments about the Modified hobby Championship race this past weekend.
    You stated that Donnie Farmer was hot on the heels of Greg
    Brown. I have the video if anyone would like a copy. The way
    it should have read is ” At firing time on the green it was
    Greg Brown long gone” !!!! Greg led 17 of the 20 laps.
    Jr. Whitner was not deep in the field he started 3rd. Where
    did you get he had to work his way up.??? Brown had an engine
    that started to heat up and on lap 18 made a slip on the dusty
    track that allowed Jr. WHitner to pass.

    Oh by the way … Greg got a second place finish in the topless outlaw race.

    But some advice… out guys he is gonna be # 1
    Anna Brown

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