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Mid-Week Ramblings… or rumblings

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June 2010
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Oh the news we have today!!!!!

Caleb Howard will have his mod pony #7 ready this week, after some unplanned contact with the wall last week,

Glenn Grimsley found his clutch issue and has it fixed and he will be ready to go Saturday night.

Can anyone catch “TEAM17”? Spanky and Randy have those 2 Warrior’s on rails, and have been almost unbeatable the past 3 weeks.

I hear rumor that the B4 may be back running NGS ‘s red clay this weekend as the Crates have their Mid-Season Championships this coming weekend.

The Match Race last Saturday night was a hit, I have talked to lots of fans and drivers, and they love it and hope to see more of them, any idea’s?

Here are a few I would like to see,

Davy Davis VS Brian Burke

Jeff Smith VS Randy Hill

Timmy Millwood VS Tom Peters..I have already seen the preview to this one….

Kenny Kizzar VS Chip Brindle

Larry Higgins VS Devin Stuart

Another thing I would really like to see is a 2 man tire change, any tire they want, just 2 people changing one tire…. that could be interesting…

Now if we could just find a two seater late model! Pick one lucky fan and let the driver they choose take them for a 4 or 5 lap ride…. I bet you could hear some of them scream over the roar of the engine!

I took my 8yr old son Austin to the races with me last week, and it wasn’t his first race,but it was his first in the pits, he loved it, he even wanted to write a blog, but once he seen how log some of mine are he changed his mind and agreed to let me interview him, so here is how the interview went:

the dr: So, Austin how did you like the races?

Austin: I like meeting the drivers, especially the drivers of the 11 car, (Davy Davis and Delbert Haynes) the 27 (Grady Stokes,) walking around looking at the cars,

the dr: which race did you like the best?

Austin: Mod hobby heat where the 07 won…..

The dr: What car did you like the best?

Austin: The Ga. Car! ( Eric Hamby)

The dr: What didn’t you like about the races?

Austin:I couldn’t run around

The dr: What could you see in the pits that you couldn’t from the stands?

Austin: the cars better

The dr:How Close were you to the cars while they were racing?

Austin: about 10 or 15 inches

The dr.: Who all did you get to meet?

Austin: the 11 drivers, (Delbert and Davy), Joe Dirt,Steve the flagman, he let me run across the track to bring him a candy bar, Outlaw, Tony the announcer, the 20 car, (Devin Stuart).

The dr : What do you remember the most?

Austin: the 11 car’s driver gave me $2, (Davy Davis)

What was the most, bestest thing about the whole night?

Austin: Taking Steve the flagman his candy bar.

(If I listed a name in parenthesis it was because Austin didn’t remember the name of the driver )

I want to say I was worried he would not like it because he would not be able to run around but he was a real trooper, and I was proud of him. Davy Davis asked him if he was going to drive one of those things and Austin said yeah….

Saturday June 12th. Round 2 of North Ga Speedway Championships will feature $800 to win Crate Late Models.

Time trials and 20 lap feature.

Rules can be found on website at Gates open at 5:00-Racing 7:30

An idea hit me last night just a passing thought but how about a new class? Outlaw pony? Has to be 13 inch wheels, 4 cyl. And same wheel base they run now… that’s the only rules…. hummmmmmm who’s in?

Ya’ll have a great week and we will….


the dr.


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