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Just some thoughts from the dr……

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June 2010
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With no racing this past weekend due to a death in Timmy Millwood’s family, Let’s keep that family in our thoughts and prayers.

Now for the NEWS!!!!!!

We will hold the postponed $800 to win Crate Late Model Championships. Time trials and 20 lap feature.

We will also hold the scheduled championships for Modified and Stock Ponys. Heat races and 15 lap features for both classes.
…$350 to win Modified Pony.
$300 to win Stock Pony.

All other divisions will compete. Trophies awarded all June Championships.

I have had some time for reflection in this time off, and I got a few things I would like to address. So here goes…..

First, rules, the rules we have this year need to be massaged some, to get things more inline with other local tracks, now this don’t mean that NGS should copy the rules, but it should look at the rules and make it easier for drivers to run 2 tracks if they choose, now what I want to know is what changes do you want to see in each class? Send your thoughts and idea’s to me at
Now here are a couple that stand out in my mind…..

Econo Hobby….. go back to full body cars, monte carlo’s and impala’s… no more tube frame cars.

Modified Hobby … sheet metal body ok, 3 link or leaf, 2900lbs. Same motor rules as now but with out the crate option. Must be a clip car firewall forward must be stock clip. Rear end must be closed in.

Here is where I get kind of goofy….

Sportsman, new class. Tube frame firewall back! Must be clip front end, but behind firewall it is all open, quick change will be legal, but a 9 inch would get a weight break, all crate motors checked each week. Weight would be 2600lbs back end must be closed! Sheet metal is fine but must look somewhat stock….NOT A LATE MODEL !

The top classes don’t need much well limited may but what is your idea’s there? Come on I will put all this together and see if we can make it happen, no promises but it is worth a try!

Now part 2.. Fans! We need more fans! What do you as the fans and drivers think we could do to draw the fans in? Any gimicks ? Like $25.00 a car load admission night? Or meet the drivers night? Come on lets hear some idea’s… you want a race track , we got one, now how do we improve it?

Got a couple good driver profiles in the works coming soon, and I know I have not posted the part 2 of the Johnny cloer Jr interview but I will I promise!!!!!

Working on a few more interview’s too, got anyone in mind you would like me to interview? Or do you have any idea’s how I can improve my blog? I want to hear them.


the dr.


1 Comment

  1. caleb howard says:

    i like the meet and greet with the drivers idea! maybe powder puff races again? and 25 a car load is also a good idea!

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