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Ellis Wins Again…..

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June 2010
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Derek Ellis Wins Again……

In the Mid season Championships for Crates, and both Pony classes it was one wild night…. First Rain threatened early in the day then dumped a couple lakes worth of water on the track and it was almost impossible to get packed in, I think almost every driver at the track was out there, hobby limited even Super’s were out there packing wall to wall race cars all the way around, but the bottom 2 lanes of the track would never see any racing.

As the heats run, the track seemed to come in some, and not be so bad greasy but still 7 cars loaded up and headed home, A couple drivers said they wouldn’t tear up their cars out there, but some did, and the racing was super fast in all classes,

I think the biggest surprise of the night came in the Mod hobby feature, when the checkered flag flew it was the 81 of Micheal Myers followed closely by the 20 of Devin Stuart then……. wait those were the only two running at the end! And the 20 of Devin “dirt demon “ Stuart made 2 pit stops to pull his nose back up after the contact when the 22 of Chris Blackwell spun and Stuart had no where to go,along with the 81 of Myers , all 3 cars sat in the mud down in the bottom of turn 1, the 22 left on the hook, the 20 and 81 was able to go on, the 43 of Tim Ford broke while leading, The 11 of Higgins lost another motor, his second of the season, Larry could of already had 4 or 5 wins if he had not has mechanical issues. But at the end it was Micheal Myers with his very first win, I spoke with him after he got out of the car and I asked him “how does it feel to win your first race?” he was grinning pretty big but he managed to answer, “good” and he was off celebrating with his family and crew.

Limited saw one of the best races in a while with Dilbeck and Parrish battling each and every lap, but Devin Dilbeck finally made it to the checkered first after having some lap traffic issues hanging his nose and almost taking it off…Brian Burke had his B39 on a rail and he held on for a strong 3rd place finish, Davy Davis in the D11 was bad fast from the start and he was running anywhere he wanted working around cars, until he used all his tearoff’s up, then he had his visor covered, he lifted it up and got mud on his classes, and as Davy said” I was just trying to get to the pits…” Davy wound up 11th.

In Econo Hobby it was the 21 of Eric Hamby again as he was lapping cars on lap 10 of the 20 lap race. then the 72 of Fletcher spun after contact and the flames erupted out of the 72 and the track personnel were there with the extinguishers. Hamby was followed to the line by the J19 of Jeff Jacobs and the 20 of Joe Dockery.

In the Crate Midseason Feature , saw Jim Bob Davis sit on the pole but was run down and passed by the fast 12 of Owneby the 27 car normally driven by Patrick Harvey had a guest driver tonight Johnny “Superman” Cloer Jr. who had a very strong run in 4th. But it was all Darrel Owneby at the checkered followed by Davis in the 3D the 23 of Borrows and the 27 of Cloer.

In the Super’s David Payne sat on the pole and when the green dropped him and Brad Coffey looked like they were fired out of a canon. They battled lap after lap then Payne slide up and made slight contact with Coffey and cut his right rear tire,while Coffey and Payne were getting straightened out Derek Ellis sailed by for the lead, after a pit stop Payne came back out and charged through the field to run 4th, Gary MacPhearson was looking very fast as he came from the back row to tun 3rd behind Ellis and Coffey.

Mod Pony saw it’s Midseason Championship won by local pony hotshoe, Grady Stokes, with a couple cars from “north of here” having a night off up there, running really fast they could not catch Grady Stokes as he took home the big money. Elliot was 2nd and Langston 3rd , and the 28 of Stansfield smoked across the line in 4th . Caleb Howard 5th.

Stock pony had its championship run next with the winner being the X4 of Mathew Gainer folowed by Lamar Cook, and Lee Sisson.

Great Night of racing in all classes, but I must say I have never EVER seen a “cushion” at NGS like it was tonight, it really had a big cushion up about ¾ of the way up the track.

More comments from the drivers and thoughts of mine later, I am off to Kentucky to see my Mother in law get married Sunday Afternoon.

Stay Tuned…..

the dr.


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