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Mid-week Ramblings…… or rumblings….

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June 2010
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Mid-week Ramblings ….. or rumblings..

The top subject at the water cooler this week has been the track and it’s condition last Saturday night for the Mid-Season Championships.

One thing I did find funny this week was one person posted on a forum that “the racing this past weekend sucked and there was no passing………..” well each of us have our own views, but then the Track Photographer posted and showed him a couple pictures of cars racing side by side…. kind of a “Now take that!” type approach. And it worked, at least it did for me, I admit right off the bat that the track was not the best it has been this year, but there must have been a full moon somewhere, 2 cars finish a Mod Hobby feature, one car looses the same wheel TWO times in a single race….A new winner in Mod Hobby is the drivers first win! Yeah it was a pretty wild weekend.

Lets roll through these things one by one……

the track… I have never seen that track like it was Saturday night, yeah Mother Nature dumped about 4 lakes worth of water on the track right before race time and the crew got the track going, yeah it was greasy and yeah the bottom was not worked in, BUT there was a good racing line, at the start, but as the night wore on, the track started to develop a “cushion” about ¾ of the way up the track, And David Payne was up there a few times layin the right rear on it and driving off…Now I admit I have not been at every race at NGS in the past 20 years but I have been at my share of them … and I have never ever seen a cushion …. never…. until now. Yeah the track could have been better but it sure beat sitting at home.

Now on to the drivers who loaded up and went home rather than race on the track. It is a choice they made, I don’t agree with it, but I ain’t sponsoring any of them either. To me if I tow to the track , and unload then I am going to race! Yeah it wasn’t the best, but some of the same ones who loaded up, were racing at Cleveland recently, with the grader on the track at 10:00, I have seen the video it looked like I could see corn springing up thru the ruts up there, but it was OK to race on then, but NGS scared you? I am not going to mention any names…or car numbers leaving was a choice they made, not going to keep beating a dead horse.

Clyde Parks and Davy Davis

I want to say good job to Greg Brown, I was standing there watching him when the rear end broke, taking him for a ride! Coming to rest in turn one, I watched and he never gave up he was driving til it stopped.

Man Dirt Demon Devin Stuart can’t get a break! 3 times his car was in the pits on yellows and he wound up 2nd. Only 2 cars finished but 2nd is still second and pays second points. But now…. How about the show from the “rookie” Micheal Myers? And holding off a hard charging Demon for the green white checkered to take his first win! Way to go!!!

Mike "the nite mare" Myers

And how about the show David Payne put on after coming from the back to run 4th or 5th, and Gary Mac, was running his other car I believe it sure looked faster……

Now that 21 car of Eric Hamby, in Econo Hobby, he was on a rail, he told me right before the race that he wasn’t running very good but he was going to give it his best anyway….. well it is a good thing he wasn’t running very good, he was catching lapped cars 9 laps in, and he worked thru them and got himself another win for the year,

And I want to give some credit to Glenn Grimsley who drives the 64 car he ran a very strong 7 or 8 laps showing he can get around NGS pretty good, give him a little more track time and we will be seeing him up front regularly!

Sad news, Tim Richardson passed away from an apparent heart attack, he was a driver, a fan, and a flagman, he had worked NGS and Cleveland Speedway, he had recently stepped away from the flag stand to spend more time with the Boy Scouts he worked with, a great man who will be sorely missed, Prayers out to the family, keep them in your prayers too.

This week June 26, Limited Late Model Championships! $1,000 to win!

Full racing program.
$10.00 Grandstands, 11 and under free.
$20.00 Pit areas.

Gates open at 5:00
Drivers meeting at 6:45
Racing at 7:30

Next week July 3, Fireworks and $2,000 to win Super Late Model Championships!

Full racing program.
Special Event!!!!
$15.00 Grandstands, 11 and under free.
$25.00 Pit areas.


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