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Driver Profile …. Booger Brooks

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June 2010
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You take a driver who wins in his second race, who at 21 has 73 career wins, 2005 A Hobby Track Champion at Tenn/Ga. Speedway, winner of 3 Gobblers at Cleveland Speedway, Winner of the Southern National Championships at Fort Payne Ala in 2009, who has won races at 6 different tracks, and what do you call them? …….. You call them Booger Brooks.

Booger and Kenny Kizzar talk at NGS

This young man is fast making a name for himself in the local racing circles, and not all of it is because of his unique nick name. This kid can drive, he lead a large portion of laps at the recent Outlaw Nation 30 held at North Ga. Speedway, showing he could get it done anywhere he runs, just last night he took a car he had not driven and won with it.

Booger’s real name is Arva Lee Brooks, but he would rather you call him booger, “everybody calls me that, no one calls me by my real name” says Booger. Booger is married to Tiffany and they have a son Arva Lee Brooks Jr, who is 16 months old, I am sure it won’t be long before he is driving. Booger is the son of local racing super star, Arva Brooks, who for a long time has been very competitive at the tracks around here.

Booger says that he loves to race, an he wants to win the A Hobby title this year at boyd’s Speedway. When asked what he don’t like about racing Booger says all the cry babies, He says Ronnie Johnson and Dale McDowell are his favorite drivers, and one day he would like to get a call from Rick Hendricks, should he ever need a driver Booger says he is ready.

Booger at the Topless Outlaw Nation 30 at NGS

Booger likes spending time with his son and his wife, a very quiet person who don’t talk much but he does let his driving do his talking. And this season it is screaming pretty loud.

Booger says he would like to thank Gar Dickson and Will Guess for all the help, and he would really like to thank his sponsors Chub’s BBQ, Arps Lawn Service, Outlaw Racing Graphic’s, North Ga. Motorsports, Stonecipher Drywall, and Brooks Racing Engines.

Each time out Booger gets better and better, and he isn’t going to lay down and quit, after serious damage was done to his car a couple weeks ago, Booger has gotten a ride in his dad’s car. Until his is fixed.

Booger says his Dad’s number was 48 so he figured he would be 148 and he has made the number his own,.

This has been a tought year for Booger, he has wins all over the place, but he is still seeking a big time sponsor so he could step up a level or two, and I can’t think of anyone who would do a better job.

Watch for the 148 car in Mod Hobby this season, you knever know where he will turn up but you can bet where ever it is he will be a contender..



  1. SLY 1 says:

    Impressive young man,,reminds me of a certain young man many yrs ago,,when he first started out,,then became the Top Modified Champion of all,,I guess you know who that was Dr,,cool story bud.

    • drflavio309 says:

      Yeah Sly this kid has the skills to pay the bills, very low key and quiet, I had to talk to him for 3 weeks to get enough to write about!!!!lol no seriously other than his name he has it going on, and if he can live with his name them I can too….lol
      the dr.

  2. Shynloco says:


    Gotta wonder what the heck “Arva” did to get the nickname “Booger?” Gosh I hope if he has success and moves up in the racing league, that he finds another, more respectable nickname. Hope all is well with all you folks down there in NG and Florida.


  3. LAURA says:


  4. Abby says:

    – Booger is great ! I love to watch him race , Keep it up Booger .. Love You lots – Abby Hill (:

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