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Limited Mid-Season Championships…NGS

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June 2010
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Big story of the night was the protest of the B39 car in the Limited Late Model Championships, Brian Burke who took the lead on lap 7 and never looked back was told of the protest as he stood getting his picture taken, and he smiled and said “show me the money!” they did, the car owner of Trig Parrish put up the money and wanted to see the head, and check bore and stroke, both were found to be legal and Burke was awarded his win.

Limited Mid-Season Champ! Brian Burke

Second big story of the night was how Shannon Bearden stood up during the drivers meeting and let it be known he was happy to go out and pack and the reason the track was so bad last week was that no one wanted to pack the bottom …in his opinion.

Econo Hobby saw weekly front runner Eric Hamby taken out in a heat race crash that left him with a bent rear suspension, but it was David Beam in the 26 who put on a clinic and walked away with the win. Followed to the line by Jeff Jacobs and Joe Dockery and ageless Tom Darby.

Tom Darby

Mod Hobby saw Tim Ford take the lead after Larry Higgins dropped out with ANOTHER mechanical failure, and Donnie Farmer had his Johnny Cloer Built 07 running good and wound up second, followed by Devin Stuart and last week’s winner Micheal Meyers.

Crate Late Models saw another TEAM17 Show with Jeff Spanky Smith walking away followed by team mate Randy Hill, Darrell Owenby, Jim Bob Davis, also want to mention the the 14 of Aaron Wilson had a very strong run battling with Owenby lap after lap, and showing lot’s of improvement.

Super Late Model saw pole sitter David Payne take an early lead and never look back, the real battle was in back of him for second and third with Gary Mac, and Kevin Gibson going at it lap after lap for the runner up spot. Derek Ellis who run 4th was never a factor for the lead running behind the front runners all race long.

The Limited Late Model Mid-Season Championships was the show of the night, Front row starter Davy Davis looked like he was fired out of a cannon on the start and it looked like it was going to be a Davy Davis show until he broke a front control arm. Davy is doing lot’s of his own things chassis wise and I think he may be on to something so you better watch “the Rocket”!. Brian Jackson was also very very strong in the opening laps, before mechanical woe’s sent him to the pits.

Davy "Rocket" Davis

Brian Burke took the lead on lap 7 and never looked back Trig Parrish challenged him a couple time but could never get around him, Devin Dilbeck followed him to the line with Shannon Bearden rounding out the top 4, the racing was fast an furious all race long with battles for all the positions. Robbie Hair and Jamie Lunsford were battling all race long ,and I would like everyone to know that I talked with Shannon Bearden about the tire falling off issues he had last week and he told me “25 years racing and I have never ever had that happen, and low and behold it happened 2 times in one night!…. but that’s racing” Very good sport, and the speech he gave at the end of the drivers meeting was profound and right to the point, it was good to see his passion for the sport and he done it with a straight from the heart approach. Robbie Hair seemed a little off tonight seems the track threw him a curve and he sure had his hands full, good Job bringing it home in one piece., but when all the cars crossed the scales is when the debate started, Trig Parrish’s Car owner stepped up with the crisp $100’s and said he wanted to see Burke’s head and wanted the bore and stroke checked. So the B39 was pushed behind the scale house and off came the head, with a huge crowd around the car the head was first declared legal, then minutes later it was declared that it too was legal and the win was all B39 with the $1000.00 to win and the $400 in protest money it was a very good night for the 2005 &2006 Limited Track Champion.

The track looked pretty rough, and I seen some cars with tore up parts, but the racing was pretty good for the car’s that showed up. Maybe just maybe they should try using the sheeps foot roller a little, the track was pretty roungh in the turns where the dirt was pushing up creating a cushion again not as bad as last week but it was still there.

Track was a little rough.....

. wet, roll,wet, pack, wet, then wet some more, but not all on friday night. The track has suffered some the past couple weeks, yeah weather had lot’s to do with it, but the prep leaves a little to be desired, I know this can be a learning process but they better get that part figured out soon….

Stories coming this week:

New driver profile

Who you should know at the track

Mid-Week Ramblings

Thoughts from the dr.

I would also like to tip the hat to Booger Brooks on a win in Fort Payne Ala. driving a car that was new to him he put it on ’em down there. Way to Go!

I am always open to idea’s and topic’s, feel free to let me hear yours! Send them to anytime and I will do my best to get it covered.

Bearden goes around in hot laps.

It is LEGAL!!!


For more Pictures look here……

the dr.


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