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NGS Fireworks 30

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July 2010
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Fireworks in Chatsworth Ga…….

Colby Kilgore U.S.M.C. Carries the Colors.....

The fireworks show was great! And top that with some super racing for the evening and you got one big night of fun!

The Mid-Season Championships for the Super Late Models and it was $2000.00 to win.

But the night got started when the Econo hobby cars ran heat’s, it was was Eric Hamby and David Beam, winning the heats, putting them on the front row for the feature, When the green dropped it was all Hamby and Beam as they set sail with everyone else behind.. Beam tried almost ever lap to find a way around the big red and black 21 but he came up short every time following the 21 across the line to finish 2rd, Scott Pilcher and Lee Harbin rounding out the top 4.

the Modified hobby feature was a race! I have to take my hat off to Devin Stuart who put on another display of sportsmanship, in his battle with the p2 of Jeff Payne, but from the green it was the Tim Ford show! Ford’s white #43 just left, Larry Higgins had the 11 car hooked up and headed to the front too, when lady luck stopped smiling on Tim Ford as the #43 went up in a cloud of smoke going down the back stretch, handing the lead to Higgins, and he nevr looked back, but if he would have he would of seen a battle with the P2 and the 20 lap after lap , although Stuart crossed the line in 3rd he once again impressed me with his style and his demeanor. Good Job Devin. But at the line it was the 11 of Higgins, finally getting the checkered after weeks of mechanical woe’s, with the P2 of Jeff Payne 2nd Devin Stuart #20 3rd, and the 33 of Bryan Stillwell 4th.

And just when I had thought I had seen the best race of the night, I see the crates roll out and on the front row was the

Johnny "Superman" Cloer Jr.

Kazy Racing #27 with Johnny “Superman” Cloer Jr, and the 9A of Phillip Anderson followed by TEAM17 on thesecond row, at the drop of the green it was Johnny Cloer jumping out front followed closely by Randy Hill in the 17H then as Hill and Cloer split a lapped car coming off of 2 Cloer got into the wall riping off the spoiler and part of the quarter panel, he held on long as he could but fell back, after that it was a TEAM17 show once again, but it was good to see the return of Johnny”Superman” Cloer, he showed TEAM17 that he don’t roll over, it was some of the best racing I have seen in a while. And Randy and Jeff both race with a clean style of driving that has earned them the respect they have among other drivers.


When the limited ‘s rolled out and took the green it was Trig Parris taking another second place to another Brian, last week it was Brian Burke, and this week it was Brian Jackson, the B4 car was on a rail, as he just toook off Trig tried every line he could get to but he could not catch the B4 car, and if you have never looked or had a chance to see Brian Jackson drives with one hand! You will always see his right hand up on the cowl of the car and he drives with his left hand, think about that next time you see him alll crossed up and on the gas! But at the line it was the B4 of Brian Jackson the 1 of Trig Parrish, the 71 of Spencer Singleton who was strong tonight too. the 30 of Devin Dilbeck, and the B39 of Mid-Season Champ, Brian Burke.

The mod pony’s fired up it was the 32 of Billy Callahan and the black and green 7 of Caleb Howard, it was a drag race into one with the 7 looking stronger, but a yellow put it right back to square one, well on the 3rd restart they made it work and it was the 32 into turn one but the 7 of Howard was making a strong showing holding on to 2rd, Ralph Langston told me before the race that, he was going to “ win this thing or go out in a blaze of glory” well it was blaze of glory as he dropped out mid race, Howard chased as hard as he could but at the checkered it was the 32 of Billy Callahan followed by the 7 of Caleb Howard, 83 of Adam James and the 99 of Seth Wilson, now this Wilson kid can drive, he has really improved over the year and he is putting his newly learned lessons to use ans he has been running in the top 5 most of the year, except with bad luck has got to him, but he is going to be getting him a checkered flag this season I see it coming….

Stock pony, well it was another Grady Stokes show as he drove the wheels off the X4 I still don’t see why he is not in another class….. Grady Stokes in a Crate? Now that would be worth watching! But last night it was Grady taking the win followed by 17 of Matt McCullom, D14 of Donald Stone,and the 44 of James Jordan.

Lined up for the fireorks

When they lined the supers up on the front stretch just before the fireworks it was great and the fans flocked to the fence to see the cars up close. One thing is when you see the #5 car of Ronnie Johnson starting that close to the front….. well… you know it will be a long night for everyone else, and it was as the Chattanooga Flash put on a clinic as he run the #5 car high and low in the middle where ever he put that car it went, he was followed by Tony Knowles, and Rick Hixson, David Payne, and Derek Ellis, rounded out the top 5.

Jim Bob Davis

The Front runners closed out the show, but not the fireworks! There were some heated tempers over some actions on the track that boiled over to the pit’s and things were brought under control quickly, but it was the bad I mean BAD fast Honda of Mathew Patton taking the win, followed by 88 of “Forge”? And the 31 of Micheal Arp, and the 28 of Hailey Cresswell.

The track looked good tonight with racing all over it in all classes, a big thank you out to Timmy Millwood who works 75 and 80 hour weeks so that we can race on Saturday’s….. So let him know when it’s good and he is doing a good job .

The fireworks show was great! Had some that I had never seen before, I don’t know who they were that put this show on but it was great!

Got a couple good stories coming this week alnong with a couple new driver profiles coming soon too!

Thanks for taking the time to read my junk…


the dr.

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