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Mid Week Ramblings….. or Rumblings 7-7-10

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July 2010
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Mid-week Ramblings….. or Rumblings..

I want to start this week with the best news I have heard in a long time!! Mike Simmons the owner of the A-1 Crate Late Model Car driven by Kenny Kizzar, and the “Lil”A-1 in frontrunner/Pony of Jason Whitt is home and doing great!He has therapy couple times a week and the stroke has left him with a bit of a limp, and he is slowly getting his balance back so he has a ways to go but things are looking good for him. The A-1 should be back Saturday night… Prayers do work…..

Can anyone beat TEAM17? Other than Johnny”Superman” Cloer last week has anyone run with them? Not really… the 9A of Phillip Anderson is nice to get in the mix, haven’t heard a thing from him all year…But it was so much fun watching Johnny Cloer run up front with TEAM17 lap after lap until a lapped car caused them to split the lapper and Johnny tagged the wall, and started his slide backwards.

Robbie Hair

Heard Brian Jackson on Big Steve’s radio show on ESPN you can listen live on the net here just click the listen live icon..every Monday night at 7pm. Tune in you may even hear the dr call in!!. anyway back to Brian…

Brian Jackson was talking about how hard it is to keep a car going and how he was doing all this with only him and his wife Brandi, well let me tell you it IS a full time job if you want to be up front. And Brian Has been up front a few times this year, and I remember seeing him get his first win…. good job Brian on you win last week, you were flat haulin the mail!!! keep it up.

I have been keeping in touch with recent driver profile driver Booger Brooks lately and even though he tore his car up pretty good a few weeks ago, he has been on a roll racking up 3 or 4 wins at Boyd’s and Fort Payne Speedway over in Ala. The past few weeks in HIS DAD’S CAR!!!!!! yeah must be nice when you can go borrow Dad’s car and go out and start winning races right off…… you go Booger Good luck! Win one for the dr next week!!!!

"The Chattanooga Flash" Ronnie Johnson

Another driver who was profiled here a few weeks ago Caleb Howard started on the front row with Billy Callahan last week and lead into turn one only to see a yellow, “I didn’t want to see that yellow” Caleb told me after the races, but the black and green #7 was looking faster than I have seen it this year, Billy Callahan had his little 32 rolling last week taking the win but one thing I noticed about the 32 was how well he was getting off the corners. Looks like Billy is getting her dialed in…. look out when he does…He knows where the checkered flag is!

The Modified Hobby race was a smoker! Devin Stuart battling with Greg Ledford and Jeff Payne was classic. Apparently there was some beating and banging going on I missed all of that but the 20 car looked good again, he has had a run of bad luck lately, good to see him running good, and speaking of running good Larry Higgins and the 11 car… man what a drive! And it held together! The past few weeks have not been kind to Higgins, mechanical woe’s almost every week, he told me Saturday night before the races that if it didn’t run he wanted to drag it over and use it for fireworks!!!. But glad to see him bring it home without breaking anything.

The firework show was pretty good, a full 10 minutes long and it was constant booms of the mortars and lights filled the sky! Lots of oohs and awwww’s so It was well worth it.

Rick Hixson

I want to see some more match races!!!! any idea’s? Drivers? Any of the crew owners or drivers got a match race you want to see happen? Let’s hear about it.. will see if we can make it happen!

Hearing that Grady Stokes may go run at Dixie in pure stock…. why don’t this guy have a crate ride? My goodness, he knows how to get around NGS about as good as anyone, he has taken race cars that were junk with a capital J and won with them…. some needs to give this guy a shot at an upper class.. he could get it done!

Not sure if I should tell everyone or not BUT… Last Saturday night after everyone had left, A couple cars hung around and took a few shakedown laps, Gary Mac and Devin Dilbeck, well things looked good with both drivers making good solid laps until the 30 erupted in smoke in turn 3&4…. not sure what it was but it was smokey…..

I got lots going on and will be bringing everyone up to date soon as I get back from Vacation, I will not be posting pictures from this week end until the following week due to me leaving after the races for Pa. For a week, I will post the final run down of all classes but the n I will be off all week… but look for a detailed account of my trials up north where they have no idea what a biscuit is….or that Tea is SUPPOSED to be SWEET!.. But they do have some pretty good race tracks and drivers in that area so I am going to see what I can find and I will report when I get home. Keep us in your prayers while we are on our trip and I will see everyone the following week at the races… see….. I will be gone for a week on vacation and will not miss a race!


the dr.



  1. Robert Ensley says:

    WHy did you have to tell them that we blew up? LOL

    • drflavio309 says:

      NEXT time run and find the dr and say”please lets not run this”….lol and I really didn’t say it blew up.. you did i just said it was smoking….lol thanks for reading..oh I got video of that.. not the smoky part but some of the laps..

      the dr.

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