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7-17 Results From North Ga. Speedway

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July 2010
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WOW! What a night of racing, with the supers having the night off some figured it would be a boring night, but for those who showed up it was intense and fast paced.

Even a fire in the press box couldn’t top the racing action, the PA system was not as ready to race as the drivers and dropped a resistor, causing a fire, but with fast thinking by our fearless announcer Tony Ray who took the fire extinguisher and put the fire out.

The track looked as good as it has been any night this year, and the racing was great. With the crates running heats and limited qualifying it was action packed to say the least.

Jim Bob Davis won his heat in crates, Randy Hill won the second heat with Johnny Cloer making a strong move on last last to take second.

Econo only had a few car’s but they still put on a great show with the 7 of Justin Thomas taking the win over the 44 of John Paul and the 64 of Glenn Grimsley

. Modified Hobby saw the new #20 owned by Mickey Long with Larry Higgins in the seat and he put on a clinic, from the drop of the green it was all Larry Higgins as he broke the new car in with a win, Higgins and Cleveland regular Richard Dixon started on the front row, but it was Larry Higgins leading the pack into turn one, and he never looked back, followed by the #3 of Richard Dixon, #07 of Donnie Farmer and the #10 of John Clark. The duo of John Clark and Donnie Farmer put on a show for the fans racing for 3rd and it was Donnie Farmer getting the spot over the 3 wheeling John Clark who carried the left front most of the race but he could not hold off the hard charging Donnie Farmer.

Next it was the Crates with Randy Hill and 3D on the front row, the other TEAM17 of Jeff Smith buried on the 5th row, and the green saw the 17H lead them to turn one, followed closely by the 27 of Johnny Cloer and 3D of Jim Bob Davis the 17S of Jeff Smith charging hard from the back on lap 14 Spanky caught Johnny Cloer and it took him a few laps but he worked his way around Cloer but Cloer who was driving the 27 of Kazy Racing who has shown the TEAM17 drivers that he could run with the big dogs, but suffered mechanical issues again and dropped back, give this guy a car and he will show you how to race! Randy Hill who had issues with a lapped car lost the lead to the charging 17S of Jeff Smith, Spanky was not to be denied, as he took the win followed by teammate Randy Hill, Darrel Owenby, and Jim Bob Davis.

Limited rolled out next and it was the Todd Hernandez show as he led from wire to wire in the T6 car followed by Trig Parris, the 17 of Shannon Bearden, and the 30 of Devin Dilbeck. Brian Jackson who was running 3rd had contact with the 30 of Dilbeck and as a result of the call was sent to the back, Dilbeck who felt the caution should have been on him moved to the back thinking he was going to be charged for the yellow was given his spot back and the B4 of Jackson was sent to the back, after the race Dilbeck apologized to Brian Jackson saying it was his fault and that he was the one who should have been sent to the back not the B4( More on this later this week). Randy Hill said after the race that the official on the raceceiever cost him the race by not telling the lapped cars to move over as he was passing them, “he wanted to talk about everything in the world but racing” Said Randy Hill.

Mod Pony was next and it was the 14 of Ralph Langston taking the early lead

but he could not hold of the Brian Burke prepared 32 of Billy Callahan, Billy was followed to the checkered by the 27 of Grady Stokes, the 14 of Ralph Langston, and the 7 of Caleb Howard.

Stock pony rolled 3 cars out for a 12 lap feature and it was the X41 of Lamar Cooke taking the win followed by the 44 of James Gordon, and the D14 of Donald Stone.

Over all it was a great night of racing even without the super’s and we were done and on way home by 10:00.

stay tuned for a new driver profile and a couple of surprises coming this week….

Vacation is over and now it is time to get back to work….


the dr.


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