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Driver Profile, Robbie Hair #45

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July 2010
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When this driver gets behind someone he is used to them pulling over, but he has found that not to be the case at North Georgia Speedway, meet Robbie Hair, Driver of the limited #45.

Robbie Hair

Robbie is a Cleveland Tenn Police officer, in his first full season of racing and he is doing a fine job, he has been racing since 2006 but this is his first full season.. Robbie is 24 years old and has always liked racing, and this year he is living a dream. He is not married …yet,

Robbie Hair and Becky Edwards

he does have a daughter so to speak, “Kipper” his German Shepard, Robbie lives about 3 minutes from Cleveland Speedway but he says North Georgia Speedway is where he wants to be, it is his favorite track.

I asked Robbie if he could race anywhere he wanted where would he race and he said “I love where I’m at and couldn’t be happier.  The limited class has some of the best drivers, especially now due to the economy.  Several SLM drivers are having to step back down because the cost is not near what it is to be a competitive SLM team.” When asked about what he likes most about racing Robbie says “The cut-throat competition and the man vs. man gladiator feel it has.”

Robbie has no desire to step up to the big leagues, he says to many drivers are only there because of their last name. But Robbie feels lucky, because he says he is living a dream.

In the summer time if he isn’t racing you will find Robbie bass fishing in his spare3 time, and in the winter he really likes snowboarding, but racing is where his heart is at.

Robbie says that watching Kent Hicks break the track record at NGS stands out as one of his favorite memories in racing. Robbie says that he runs #45 because Lamar Lowery ran the same number , and he runs 45 in memory of Lamar. He also says that Ken Hicks is his favorite driver locally and that Ken has been a great help.

Robbie says his goals for this year are simple to run competitive and earn the respect of his fellow drivers. He says he don’t like the amount of money it takes to be competitive but it is a small price to pay for the fun of racing.

I asked Robbie who he would like to race against and he said “I would have liked to race against Lamar Lowry before he passed.  As a little kid, I would sit on his trailer and just dream of doing what I’m doing now.”

Robbie hopes to one day run the famed half mile at Eldora but for now he is tickled to run NGS.

Robbie would like to thank his sponsors Hicks Specialty Welding, Oval Craft, Outlaw Racing Graphics.  Crew: Crew Chief – Rob Rabe, Mom, Becky. And special thank you’s to First and foremost to my papaw, Junior Hair, who never said I couldn’t do anything I dreamed to do.  Kent Hicks for his endless support and advice in helping me get to where I am and not hesitating to tell me when my driving isn’t as good as he feels it should be.  Alan “Moe” Brock for all his help and taking me to all those Hav-A-Tampa races when I was a kid and I couldn’t do this without his power plants under the hood. and to mom for attending every race possible.

So when you see the #45 Stinger Chassis limited late model just watch out …. he may not pull you over but you can bet he will be trying to get by.


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