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Midweek ramblings…. or rumblings.

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July 2010
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Mid Week Ramblings……..or rumblings…

Big race this week, SRRS brings a $3000.00 to win show to town. You need to be there…..

The track has looked pretty good the past few weeks and it should be great for the big show this weekend.

I got a few things planned for the coming weeks…. one is another interview that will knock your socks off….. no hints either….

before the famed 4wheeler broke...

I had a blast this past week in Pa. Sorry for missing my weekly post, but a guy has to take a little family time from time to time…

Seen that Outlaw is having problems with his 4wheeler, god to know he has taken it to Shane Cloer for a repair job…. maybe Shane will put a V-8 in it like his golf cart he is doing…….

There has been a couple issues the past couple weeks that has lot’s of people tore up, but until I get all my facts I am going to reserve comment, but when I get the full story I will be posting it here….. you can bet on it.

Lots of people have been sending in names of past champions for the story I have put together about past champions but I need more… I have lot’s of blanks in the early 90’s and I have some blanks in the 2000’s too so if you know who was champion what year please PLEASE send them to me at… pic’s too…

I have been getting lots of request for pic’s the past few weeks but if you want professional pictures go see Mike at the track, or see his site, he is the official track photog, but if you would like some of mine you can find them under pictures from the dr under the blog roll heading to the right of this story. Feel free to down load and print as you want, just give the dr credit for the shot please. And if you use it somewhere please send me a link so I can see it…

making sure they are tight!

Well that is about all I got that I can publish this week stay tuned for more… later this week….


the dr.


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  1. caleb howarf says:

    Great blog again Dr. Everything well put

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