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Thoughts from the dr…….

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July 2010
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Thoughts from the dr……..

First I want to apoligize for my absence, I didn’t pay my bill…. vacation really messed me up this year…. but anyway…

Now to catch up on a few things I should of posted last week, again I am sorry this is late…
A couple weeks ago Eric Hamby who has been on a roll in Econo Hobby was absent, I wondered where he was and asked him last Saturday night, he had a VERY good reason for not being at the races. He was in Miss. watching his 9 year old son Jay Hamby, and the Team Rome Dizzy Dean Baseball team play in the Dizzy Dean World series, they won pre-district, district, and then the world series, these boys were UNDEFEATED! Seems Winning runs in the Hamby Family… a great big TIP OF THE HAT! To these boys for all the hard work they put in, and getting to see it pay off for them.

The track looked as good as I have seen it all year last week. It was fast and racy, with racing top, bottom, and middle, and everyone had a good time, the only dusty place was in the pit’s but Timmy done a pretty good job keeping it wet, looking forward to the race this weekend.

Seems not everyone is happy with the domination that TEAM17 has shown, with rumors swirling around both Boyd’s and NGS about tearing the 17S down, but the money never showed so the win stands, that makes 5 in a row if I remember right. Good job to Jeff and the TEAM17 crew.

The supers were flat flyin last Saturday night, and Randy “Dream” Weaver, was on a rail and no one was even starting to catch him until he had tire issues and dropped out handing the lead to Ronnie Johnson who went on to win. It was good to see Ronnie Payne in the 8X too he was flyin but failed to make the big show, Ty Dillon Austin Dillons little brother was there in his Childress Racing #2 but he had problems with the red clay of NGS.

Working on a new deal with my photo’s…. if you would like to have a set of ALL of the shot’s I got of your car, or your favorite driver, holler at me, If I got 20 or more shots I will post all I got to a disc and get them to you for $20.00 I can deliver to the track or around this area, or if you want them mailed we can discuss postage… I got some good shot’s and these will be the big file great for printing should you want to do that….

Well I am waiting on the photos’to upload this week, and soon as they do I will post the link.


the dr.



  1. Eric Hamby says:

    Thanks Mitch, I luv IT!!! Hey, They Won State to get to the World Series!!! G0 TEAM ROME!!!

  2. SLY 1 says:

    Another good blog by the Dr,,I sure miss you in the group and you comments,,you could stop by once in awhile and say hello..take care brother..
    The SLY 1

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