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Driver Profile, Keith Jackson #328 Limited.

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August 2010
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When you start racing, it is always good to have someone with a little know how behind you, but when you have the likes of Jody Ridley, Mark Wooten, Clint Wooten, Johnny Cloer Jr. and Donnie Farmer behind you…. you really have it going on. Meet Keith Jackson... Limited Late model driver . Keith’s backround is pretty diverse, starting out racing bicycles, then R.C. Cars, then ATV’s and then he leaned to drag racing before he got smart and came to where the fun is! Dirt Racing. Keith says that he is not a big fan of the money that has to be spent racing but loves the thrill of going fast and learning every time out. Ryan Newman is his favorite driver, but Keith says he has no desire to run with the big boys of NASCAR since he feels that dirt is where the fun is at.

Kieth is married and has a baby on the way, so he is a “soon to be daddy.”

The Masterbiult Chassis with Evans Ford power is one of Mark Wooten’s old car’s so it know’s it’s way to victory lane, and I think Keith will be making a trip there before too long.

If he isn’t racing you will find him working for Farmers Remodeling, or doing something outside, he loves the outdoors.

He has set his goals for the year as, just getting some laps and getting better each time in the car, I have watched this year as he has progressed and he is a fast learner.

He don’t like green on a race car and no peanuts in his pits!

Kieth says that he wants everyone to know he is just like everybody else, “I put my pants on one leg at a time,” he says. And meeting fans is a thrill for him, he loves to talk racing so next time you see him stop him and ask him about his race car, or his new baby which will be here before he knows it.

Keith thinks that working with Brian Burke he learned a lot about hanging bodies on race cars and he feels it is one of the things he does best.

I asked Kieth to list his racing history and this is what he said “don’t have alot of history yet, but ask me again in about 20 year and hope I’ll have some good story’s like some of the older drivers do now.” now that is a positive outlook.

Keith says he would like to thank “my mom and my wife, I couldn’t do this without them. I’d like to thank my brother for helping me when he can. My cousin Mark Wooten for helping me get started. Donnie Farmer for helping me with my car and for talking me through some bad nights. Sam Evans for giving me a great motor. Leon Brindle at Brindle Bros. Auto Parts for getting me, or helping me find any part I need .Thanks to Jody Ridley for helping me in those mind blowing nights. I have to thank Johnny Cloer Jr. for helping me when I need it, and answering me when I ask something stupid. Terry Wilson at Wilson Welding for being there when I need some welding done cause of my bang-up driving style. A big thanks to Gene at Genes Racing Parts . But most of all my uncle, Clinton Wooten (Mark Wooten’s daddy) without him I’d be lost. He’s everything behind my racing team , he’s there every time I need anything no matter what .My dad died back in 96 and ever since then, he’s kinda fell into that “father” role ,but that’s ok with me cause he’s doing a fine job.”

Next time you see Keith and his #328 Ford powered Masterbuilt stop him and talk to him, you will come away impressed, let’s all watch this year as Keith gains seat time and gets better each week.


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