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8-7-10 Results at NGS

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August 2010
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NGS Aug. 7th …….

All I can say is WOW! What a night of racing ….. and other things.

First off I want to say I will NOT be slinging mud or accusations about the events from last night and I will only be reporting the racing part of it.

Now for the rest of the story……..

With the supers taking the night off at NGS lot’s of folks didn’t expect much excitement, boy were they wrong! AWESOME racing in all classes and a good show for the fans.

After heats in hobby and pony the features of the night started with the econo hobby guys rolling out with the 21 of Eric Hamby and the 7 of Justin Thomas on the front row, but at the drop of the green it was Hamby leading the field into turn one, followed by the #7 of Thomas and the #8 of Dale Fortner, these 3 car fought tooth and nail for lap after lap but Thomas could not get around the super strong 21 of Hamby until late in the race Hamby spun coming off of turn 4, I asked Eric what happened and his reply was “ I was shown a fender, and I hammered down and over powered the track, basically I screwed up “. an honest comment from a very clean racer who went to the back after the yellow and put on a clinic coming back to the front but ran out of laps winding up 3rd behind Fortner who was second and Thomas who took the checkered. Top 4 were #7 of Thomas, #8 of Dale Fortner, #21 of Hamby and the T39 of Tim Titherow.

Mod hobby saw the front row of the #1 of Jr Whitner and the 07 of Donnie Farmer and at the drop of the checkered it was a Jr. Whitner night, as he took the lead and never looked back, if he would of looked back he would of seen a super race with the 07 of Farmer and the 20 of Devin Stuart, and the 3 of Richard Dixon fighting lap after lap, but at the line it was Whitner, Farmer, Stuart and Dixon.

When the Crates rolled out it was Jeff Smith of TEAM17 taking the point and the 12 of Owenby quickly falling back, but the A-1 of Kenny Kizzar was up there giving Randy Hill all he wanted lap after lap while Jeff was working lapped traffic it was Randy Hill and Kenny Kizzar battling lap after lap but Kizzar could not find a way around the 17H of Randy Hill for a super race, so at the line it was Jeff Smith, Randy Hill, Kenny Kizzar, and the 9a of Phillip Anderson .

Then came the race of the night in Limited, the 71 of Spencer Singleton was fast, he took the lead and was on a rail, Devin Dilbeck tried to run him down but Devin had problems of his own, a problem named Lee Gray in the 11 car, as Singleton led lap after lap it was the 30 of Dilbeck and the 11 of Gray battling lap after lap all race long. Mot laps they were door handle to door handle with Dilbeck in 2nd and Gray in 3rd but Gray was not giving up the youngster was giving it his all as he tried high and low to get around the wicked fast Dilbeck, but until the last lap Dilbeck held him off , then coming to the checkered it was Gray finding a way around Dilbeck to take second, Dilbeck was 3rd, and newcomer Nathan Parris rounding out the top 4, a note about the 71 car,which finished 5th, it was the local hot shoe Johnny Cloer Jr, in his uncle Ricky Cloer’s car which hasn’t seen a track in a few years putting on a good run and bringing home 5th.

Mod Pony was next and the little A-1 car was looking like he was going to be the one to beat, until the 32 of Billy Callahan got to the front, the A-1 continues to battle a push condition and it cost him tonight as the 32 of Callahan got around him and so did the 24 of Ingram, Ralph Langston and Caleb Howard rounded out the top 5 .

Then the full moon came out. Well it must have because when the Frontrunner/Stock pony’s took the track it was a crash fest. The 31 of Mike Arp flipped 3 times in turns one and two, bringing out the red flag, and as the crowd gathered on the north end of the track tempers flared and the heated exchanges started the Murray County Sheriff’s Dept took control and restored order, but not before the tracks management made the call that this would be the last race for this class at NGS. There will be no more Stock Pony/ Frontrunner’s at NGS. All of this happened at the back of the pack but at the front after the race was started again it was James Dykes winning the last race of the night, and of the season for this class, he was followed to the line by the 78 of Tom Gilbert, the X4 Of Grady Stokes, and the 10 of John Land.

There is lot’s that I could write about all of the events but some things are better left unsaid. I will close with the comment “if you left early or didn’t make it last night….. you missed one Hell of a race!”


The dr.


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