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Thoughts from the dr.

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August 2010
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Thoughts from the dr.

I have been doing lot’s of reading lately, both online and in book’s and one thing that has stood out to me that really bothers me is this….. how many of you who have bitched about a certain driver or person has ever taken the time to go meet this person? I mean there seems to be lot’s of people who are hating on the drivers from TEAM17, has anyone of the one’s who are bitching about TEAM17 being cheaters ever walked over to their trailer and introduced themselves? Have you ever walked up to them at the track and talked to them? Or mentioned that you think they are cheating? If not you should try it… you may be surprised in what you find. I know you will with the TEAM17 drivers, you couldn’t ask for 2 nicer guys, Jeff Smith has been racing most of his life as has Randy Hill, both men have worked hard to get to where they are now, it ain’t just money, it ain’t just running out and buying a race car and a motor and then go out and win 15 in a row like Jeff has, nope not at all, it is hard work and long hours, and it ain’t easy not at all. These men deserve all the rewards that they are getting now, the hard work is finally paying off. And it isn’t just TEAM17, there seems to be lots of people who want to bash and bitch and while everyone is entitled to your views it is often good to stop and think about where you voice your views, Newton’s law of physic’s takes effect and “for every action there is a opposite and equal reaction.” meaning yeah you can voice your views but you may have to pay the price. Like losing a fanpage, or someday realizing your wrong.

There has been lot’s of talk about how the rules are being enforced, well they have been following the book, as the rules were written, they have not switched horse in the middle of the stream, now while it may be true the rules could use some work, it is a work in progress, and you will never please every one every time.. so suck it up and roll with it. I would be willing to bet you that The Tech man and I could walk thru the pit’s and find something wrong on almost every car there on any given night, maybe the tack should put all the car numbers in a hat and draw out 3 every Saturday night and go over those cars with a fine tooth comb, just to make sure the class stays level. If anyone feels they have a car that would pass the inspection let me know I will see if I can make the inspection happen and we can see who is and who ain’t.

Over the years I have gotten to know almost of the drivers and have found even the one’s I didn’t like before are actually pretty decent people, they may not be the kind of person I would go out to dinner with but they ain’t as bad as I once thought.

I say this because I would like to extend an open invitation to each one of you reading this…. if you have a driver who you think is an ass, or you think is a cheater, then come see me, and allow me to take you over and introduce you to this person. And give them an honest chance to get to know you and you know them. I think you will come away with a new friend and a change of heart. This is open to anyone. Just contact me at the track or send me an e-mail, and allow the driver you don’t like to tell his side of the story. The same thing applies to officials at the track too, if you think one of them has it out for “your “ Driver then let them tell their side of it and see if you feel the same way.

There will be a couple stories coming in the next couple weeks that may change your mind about a few of the people we have been talking about.

Now I want to look at the reason the Frontrunner/Stock pony class has been dropped, the stock pony class has had really low car counts for a while and it is just not feasible for the track to pay out 4 spots for 4 cars, and it ain’t real racing either, so why keep it going? Well along came the frontrunners who were looking for a place to race, and the two classes had a meeting and voted to join classes so they would each have a place to race. Then the crashing and fighting started, people getting even for what had happened at Boyd’s the night before, and it just kept getting worse and worse and pretty soon the track had, had enough … and we seen what happened last Saturday night. Now for some that is no big deal, it just means that everyone goes home that much earlier , but for a few who were there each and every Saturday night it is the end of racing on Saturday nights, for family and friends of these few drivers they will have to find a new way to spend Saturday nights, it is fair? Nope it ain’t, but you have to look at both sides of the coin, look at it from the tracks point, and from the drivers point. Is there a happy medium where all could come back and go racing again? That remains to bee seen it will take some serious work, and who knows it may change in the future …….

I will step down off of my soap box now, but these things have been on my mind for some time and it was time to vent, time to put some in their place , and time to tell a few to put up or shut up. Now I feel better….


the dr.



  1. Shane Cloer says:

    The fact of the matter is, as is with most racing, that the driver is known only for his duties while on the track. Most fans or even obesrvers dont have the opportunity to meet these drivers, only watch the actions that are displayed on the track. Now onto my point….

    Every racer, in any type of event, is a different person once the helmet is on. Ive heard quite a few people say “Hes a nice guy, and he wins a lot too!”. Let me tell ya, if he’s winning, its damn sure not because he’s being nice. A winning racer has to create him/herself into a hybrid of smart and evil when the helmet goes on. If you dont have the drive to keep just a bit of evil in your pocket for race day…..dont count on winning. Its always a shame for racers to be thought of as the person that is seen on the track, mostly because it isnt the same person that loads up and drives home with his/her family. People will always bitch about what happens on the track, whether it be officials, fans, family, tech guys, or just the milkman. Its racing, and thats what makes it RACING!!!

  2. caleb howard says:

    No offense DR but I will be up for the inspection you been to the shop and you have seen my car tell me your honest opinion on it do you think it would pass?

  3. drflavio309 says:

    if you failed it would be what we were talking about sunday… think tie wraps….. other than that yeah you would, but your one of the few,

    the dr.

  4. Thanks for the “thought” dr. The A1 team has met one of the Smith boys from the l7 team, and enjoyed talking to him. Matter of fact he offered to give us a few pointers and help. Not many step up to the plate to do that. We were appreciative for that. Now FWD ? We have been there, done that. We enjoyed racing that class for about 3 yrs. We have been called everything and anything, from being “good people” to “biggest cheaters” of all. Those fwd boys want to race as much as anybody,for all doing this we have ” racing fever.” It’s unfortunate this has happened. But I saw something serious about to happen in this class. For everybody’s safety, I think this was a good call, sad as it may be,the officials are doing their jobs.

  5. I guess I need to retract my thoughts about 17 team. After tonight I’m left with questions ???? Only met him once, obviously not enough to make the above statement like I did. So I wanted to bring that point up. I feel a bit fooled or foolish in saying something about someone that I diffinately did not know.

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