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SPECIAL EDITION of Midweek ramblings…. or rumblings..

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August 2010
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Mid week ramblings… or rumblings… SPECIAL EDITION!

"Fatback" the man the legend....

Last Saturday at the track Steve the flagman ,myself and TEAM17 driver Randy Hill were standing around talking and the subject of lower class drivers who were struggling to get to the races each week, and Steve mentioned to Randy that the driver of the Econo Hobby #64 Glenn Grimsley could use some help with tires, Randy said he had a bunch of old Hoosiers that he would sell at a reasonable price if Glenn would come get them.

Randy even helped carry the tires out ...

Well tonight I joined Glenn on his trip over the the shop of TEAM17, once there we met TEAM17 owner Randall Hill , Randy’s father, Fatback, and Randy Hill. After the ice was broken and everyone had shaken hands the talk quickly turned to racing. Fatback and I stood talking about the old days and Randy took Glenn around to the side of the shop to show him the tires he had, after a while I looked up to see Randy and Glenn taking some tires out to Glen’s truck. (would you consider Free reasonable? And Glenn put a couple more on layaway!) They came back and the talk still was about racing, it was great to see the drivers exchanging information and stories. Randy gave Glenn the grand tour of Hill Motorsports, and let him look at anything he wanted to see. Nothing was hidden nothing was off limits.

I have to say that this was what I have always thought racing was about, drivers helping drivers, not because there was a dollar in it for them but because they really love the sport.

Jennifer, Glenn and Randy talking...

The topic of “cheating” came up and it was Randall Hill who addressed the issue, he told us “ It cost 2500.00 to put a crate motor back together after a tear down and the protest fee is $800.00 so if a team was to get tore down they would be loosing money to put it back together.” he paused for a minute then he went on” I would be willing to tear down anytime someone has the money, I had a guy at the store the other day tell me he couldn’t afford the $5000 for shocks we had, and I told him, I can’t either, and really if some one wanted the shocks off of Jeff’s car all they have to do is bring me $1400.00 and I will sell them all 4 of them.” and he was serious as could be, he said he was willing to tear down , take the $ loss, to prove he was legal. Now how many teams are willing to do that? Not many. After a while, Jeff Smith showed up, and he was cracking jokes and talking, and I ask him what do you think about all the talk around this team? He looked me in the eye and said” look I am having fun for the first time in years, we are as legal as legal gets, we work hard and we race hard that is all there is to it. No cheating, it wouldn’t be any fun then.” He also told me he had read my blog about going out to meet the drivers, and he said he was more than happy to meet with any fan at all any time just come on out and talk to him, so there it is there, you can’t ask for a nicer group of guys. I asked Randall Hill what makes you guys so fast? He looked at me and said” you write the top of the box, well these cars are out of the box, we have worked hard to find the things we do each week.” and for those of you who wonder, the crate looks like this... yeah it really is a crate motor!

We got the Big race this coming week end an there will be lots of super late models racing at NGS this week so come on out, you will get to see Randy the Dream Weaver driving local hit shoe’s back up car, and lots of others from the VRS series, and the SRRS series. So come on out and watch a great night of racing.

I have a couple things I am working on for the next few days so stay tuned ….


the dr.

1 Comment

  1. Joe Dockery says:

    Hey Dr. i’m glad to see you are taking time to work with the drivers.. you have been an inspiration to all of us.. hopefully we can get the d20 back on the track soon.. we have missed racing with those guys, it’s hard for us cause we don’t have the funds to be there.. maybe everything will look up for us soon .. thank you for what you do, joe dockery

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