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August 2010
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I thought long and hard about the ordeal between the A-1 of Kenny Kizzar and the 17H of Randy Hill, and I had a whole thing written until I got a call this morning…….

This morning about 8:40 I got a call from Randy Hill asking me to call him back soon as I could, so I called him back about 9:30AM and he asked when I would be writing my next blog? I told him I was going to start on it soon as I got home and post it later tonight or tomorrow evening. When Randy told me what he wanted to do I knew that this one needed to be told right now,

Randy told me and I quote “ I was wrong and I want to tell everyone from the fans to the track to the owners but mostly to the A1 Team and Kenny Kizzar that I was wrong and I take responsibility for what happened after the yellow came out I could of hurt someone, I ain’t saying it’s right but in the heat of the moment we often do heated things, and I was wrong to do that. .” Now he told me this at 9:30 AM this morning, and then he tried to call the Kizzar’s and they hung up on him, He tried “that was all I could do.” he said. Maybe time will help heal this wound. I done all I could to get a hold of Kenny but to no avail, so I don’t know his take on this , but would love to talk to him..But Big Steve Hixson beat me to it by getting him on the radio show tonight. go here and click the listen live button top right hand corner of the page…

I would also like to ask the guys who run the S.R.R.S. If the top driver in points is exempt from the move over flag? David Payne got a raw deal the other night when the flagman kept giving the 99G the move over flag, and he refused to move over racing David Payne like it was for position, while the 5 of Ronnie Johnson checked out, it would of sure give the fans a hell of a race if Payne would of caught Johnson, and on the watch he was gaining pretty fast, until he got to the lapped car of 99G then the hold up started for 8 laps the 99G car raced with Payne and the flagman gave the move over flag for 6 of those laps….Ronnie Payne David’s father was trying to get the VRS official in turn one to do something and he did….. he threw his hands up like “ What can I do???” . the 99G is driven by Jacob Grizzle of Blairsville Ga. Who now happens to be tied for the lead in series points with Tony Morris. Morris ran 9th Saturday night at North Ga Speedway. Ronnie Johnson is 1875 points back in 6th place. For once I think I will pull for RJ to win the series!

Oh yeah one more tid bit…..everyone know’s that RJ always shows up late for the races, but this past Saturday he was there before the NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!!!! and he still won, I did see him sitting under the score board watching the late’s get thru turns one and too…. studying the track, one of the things that makes him “the Chattanooga Flash”!

Oh well that is this weeks “thoughts from the dr.”


the dr.


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