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Mid Week Ramblings… or rumblings..

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August 2010
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Mid Week Ramblings… or rumblings…

I have had a pretty interesting week so far and it is only Wednesday….

The one topic everyone has been talking about I am not going to address here, all that needs to be said has already been said….(I have spoke with both drivers and they want to put this behind them both drivers are getting ready to race,both drivers have told me that they want to race! They each want the other to show up, and race like they have all year, I want everyone to know that both drivers have said this is not about retaliation it is about racing, to put on a good show for the fans and racers alike…. so leave all the bad vibes at home and come see some super racing! )the A-1 is ready I believe they are getting the 17H ready and we will see some good racing this week!

There are a couple thing’s that I want to mention, safety wise……

4 wheelers, in the famous video from last Saturday night you can see the 4 wheeler behind the 17H car, shouldn’t he of went to the driver first? Maybe he could of helped prevent things like this, not that is a reach I know but in the future it could help,

Another thing is the way some drivers are driving in the pit area….. SLOW DOWN! Your in the pits…..the big red wide stuff is where you haul —-!

It was mentioned by a certain driver…… that there be a little friendly contest with Myself and Outlaw involved……. him shaving his head and me shaving my stashe…… that AIN’T gonna happen, but, I would be open to idea’s that we could use to generate some $$$ for local charities…. you got an idea? Got someone who will kick in some $$$? ……well send the idea to me and I will kick it around with those involved and see what we can do… I am serious so let’s hear the deals…

Lot’s of rumbling in the mod pony camp with the rear wheel drive drivers and fans dead set against the A-1 running in their class, since basically the front runners don’t have a rule book for engines just a weight per cc rule. And lot’s of things in the rule book that prevent the A-1 from running with the mod ponys, tires, weight, cam’s, head, the list goes on and on. I got no problem with the A-1 racing but in its own class, it is not fair to try and enter a mod pony in a b hobby race, so why let the A-1 run Mod Pony? Just my 2 cents worth.

Still have not heard from the S.R.R.S. Official’s about point leaders getting a pass on honoring the move over flag……..yeah 99G I am talking about you…. holding up the 8 car of David Payne the other night was just low…. not good racing at all, guess now I can see why you have bare ¼ panels……….

Here are your points leaders

Econo hobby

Glenn Grimsley 308

Dave Fletcher 225

Fletcher is going to have to really step up his game if he wants to take the title from Grimsley…

Mod hobby

20 Devin Stuart 377

43 Tim Ford 355

The battle is on here!


12 Darrell Owenby 379

3 Jim Bob Davis 302

14s Aaron Wilson 276

17S Jeff Smith 273

Can Spanky catch Owenby by the end of the year? We will see.


Dilbeck 376

Trig Parrish 350

Jamie Lunsford 287

Shannon Bearden 274

Super late models

Derek Ellis 217

David Payne 216

These guys are going at it! Can ditchdigger Derek Ellis hold of the hard charging coach David Payne?

Mod pony

14 Ralph Langston 396

27 Grady Stokes 325

27N Natasha Stokes 314

7 Caleb Howard 298

who is going to be second? It is pretty close!

That’s all for tonight, be thinking about out little contest for charity!!! send them idea’s to me.


the dr.


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