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North Georgia Speedway Story AND Results 8-21-10

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August 2010
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North Georgia Speedway 8-21-10 Story and results

the sky once again looked like it was going to open up and flood the track, but other that a Twinkle of rain drops nothing keep the show from going on! The Pony class was all up the road for a $1500 to win race. The car count seemed low but doe to reports of rain everywhere around us it is not surprising that folks stayed home, but one thing, this was the tracks 20th week open and in 20 weeks, we have missed 2 races, the first Outlaw Nation Topless race was called because of rain, and the other was a death in the family that caused the track not being open. So we have not done to bad!

The track started off with tech inspection to make sure everyone was following the rules, in mod hobby, and a couple got verbal warnings no body was DQ’ed right off the bat, …..

The Econo Hobby cars ran heats with the threat of rain ever looming, but both heats got in with Eric “Hambone” Hamby taking the first heat and the #7 of Justin Thomas taking the second one locking them in for the front row of the feature, Tom Darby rolled out the 111 and other than a over heating problem he was flyin!, I only pray that I am still wanting to race and win when I am Tom Darby’s age… I will only say he is just a little over 50 years old….. Current Econo Hobby points leader Glenn “The Grim Reaper” Grimsley finished 3rd in his heat putting him on the 3rd row for the feature, but when the green dropped it was the #7 of Justin Thomas taking the lead with the 21 of Hamby in hot pursuit, Glenn Grimsley dropped out after loosing a fan belt for the second week in a row, tough luck for the points leader. There was no catching the flying #7 of Justin Thomas, he was followed to the checkered by the 21 of Hamby the 111 of Tom Darby and the 8 of Dale Fortner.

5th Booger Brooks

6th Ricky Wagner

7th Mike Lilly

8th Derrick Chapman

9th Jake Pilgrim

10th Glenn Grimsley

Mod Hobby was a great show with rain still threatening a little, Devin “The Dirt Demon” Stuart taking his first heat over Larry “The Tunnel Hill Terror” Higgins,in the second heat it was Jr. Whitner over the 34 of Greg Suderth, now with Jr Whitner and Devin Stuart on the front row it was bound to be a great feature, and it was Jr Whitner took the green and never looked back, but if he would have he would of seen the 20 of Devin Stuart driving the wheels of his #20 trying to catch Jr, the 34 of Surderth was in the mix, but he must of not made it down to tech before the race because his strong Second place finish was disallowed and he was DQ’ed for a 90-10 shock. Thus handing second place to Devin Stuart, 3rd was Tim Ford,

4th John Clark,

5th brad Thomas

6th Mike Sands,

8th Brent Clark

9th Larry Higgins

10th Michael Meyers

Then came the crates, the race most were looking forward to all night long, and it was not a disappointment in any way, it was the A-1 of Kenny “2 wheeler” Kizzar and the 9A of Phillip Anderson on the front row with TEAM17 on the second row, Jeff Smith who just got back from Vacation on Saturday morning looked like he had had to much fun on vacation and had gotten rusty…….. well that was definite case, as Jeff took the 17S for a ride running high he was running low , but he was gaining ground on the leader Kizzar and with checkered flag in sight the Villanow Villan Jeff Smith took the lead and just flat drove away, after the race when he climbed out of the car I spoke with him and he was really pumped up, “BY GOD THAT WAS FUN! “ said Jeff Smith. And it sure looked like it was.

The limited race was also a great race with the B39 of Brian Burke leading the field off of turn two had just a little contact with Arron “Shaggy” Wilson but held them off, even a late race charge by Trig Parrish could not do it it was Burke 1st and Parrish second

3rd Brain Jackson

4th Arron Wilson

In the Super race we knew it was going to be good with the 8 of “The Coach” David Payne rolling in late and having to start at the back of the pack, Derek” Ditchdigger” Ellis and Kevin “the Ax Man” Gibson were on the front row and with the drop of the green Gibson and Ellis took off , but a very good running George Mashburn he always puts on a wheelie show where ever he goes, and last night he was running pretty good . It seemed that Payne could not get around the back markers, but once he did, he headed for the front, and was picking cars off left and right, pretty soon it was less that 4 laps to go and Payne found his way around the leader of Kevin Gibson and at the line it was the 8 of David Payne

2nd M45 Kevin Gibson

3rd Gary McPhearson

4th Brad Coffey

5th Derek Ellis.

If you would like to see the pic’s from last night you can go here…. this will take you to my album for the year.

Watch for thoughts from the dr coming soon!


the dr.


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