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Mid-week Ramblings………… or rumblings…

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August 2010
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Mid Week Ramblings… or rumblins..

Got a new idea I want to run by my readers and see what you think…. I call it “the dr makes a house call” I will go out to a drivers shop and talk with them check out their operation and take a few pictures … and then put it all together and share with the world… does this sound like anything some of you would be interested in? If so are there any drivers who would be willing to have the dr over for a house call? I have been to a few shops and have been impressed with lots of things I have seen, some I can’t talk about , (Noodle the secret is still safe… no one knows about the second engine in your car!) but if it is something everyone would like to see then let me know and I will see what we can get going….

Rain has been a big word the past month or so, seems every weekend is threatened with rain, and some weekends it has rained across the road at the mini speedway but not at the track. North Georgia Speedway has only been rained out once this year and that was the first attempt at the Outlaw Nation Topless 30 race. There was another date the track was closed due to a death in the family of one of the promoters. Out of 20 weeks there has been 2 weekends that they have not raced, now that is lot’s of work by Timmy and crew and I think they should be thanked, by every driver this next week. And every fan, let him know how much you like racing at North Georgia Speedway, and that you plan on coming back next year….. let him know that he is doing a good job!

We will be back to full regular program this week, with all normal calsses, racing… will TEAM17’s Jeff Smith be able to win again? He came from the second row last week and put a whoopin on em….

I have spoken to Jeff Jones and his nephew Joey Jones is doing much better and is in good spirits, COME HOME SOON JOEY!

Well pretty slow week this week got a few stories working but nothing I can post yet so stay tuned….


the dr.



  1. caleb howard says:

    Thanks for keeping the secret safe don’t want that to get out!!! 😉

  2. ROY OXFORD says:


  3. SLY 1 says:

    I love secrets,,Each time I read your blogs Dr,,you make me wish I lived up there,,short,,but a good blog kid.

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