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8-28-10 NGS Results

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August 2010
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NGS 8-28-10

"Its all that's left"!!

The threat of rain was not an issue for the first time in 3 weeks. The show got off to a little bit of a delay but once it got going it was ACTION all over the place. The hot lap sessions were showing there was going to be some fast times and the track was looking good.

The heats were a good sign of things to come with the exception of the Mod Pony heats, in Mod Pony heat one the N27 of Natasha Stokes had transmission problems coming to the finish, and the car got loose and started sliding, coming to a rest in the dr’s office! Yeah right where I stand each and every week to take pictures .It was a very hard hit but Miss Stokes walked away sore but other wise ok.

Econo Hobby only had 5 cars and it was Derek Chapman taking the early lead with Tom Peters chasing in second. Tom Darby was strong in the 111 car this week until he dropped out and left a 4 car race, at the flag it was the C12 of Chapman crossing the line first , but when he crossed the scales all the top cars were being checked, and Chapman who was in a new car was found “Illegal” due to him having a 400 CID Engine in a class where the rule is 350. so it was Tom Peters taking the win.

1 Tom Peters

2 John Paul

3 Howard Price

4Tom Darby

When the features started it was a barn burner in Mod Hobby, the 20 car’s checking out, the 20 of Larry Higgins and the other 20 of Devin Stuart just walked away from the field. John Clark and Randy Walston had a great battle for 3rd and 4th but at the line it was,

1 Larry Higgins

2 Devin Stuart

3 Randy Walston

4 John Clark

In the Crate race it was all TEAM17 once again as Jeff Smith took off with a heated battle behind him between a cluster of car, Sam Parish, Randy Hill, and Darrell Owenby all putting on a show for sops on the track but at the checkered it was ,

1 Jeff Smith

2 Randy Hill

3 Darrell Owenby

5 Kayne Hickman

Limited saw last week’s winner the B39 of Brian Burke and the 1 of Trig Parris take off and not look back Trig set a blistering pace and Burke was the only one who could keep up. At the line it was

1 Trig Parriswh

2 Brian Burke

3 Devin Dilbeck

4 Lee Gray

"The Ax Man"

Supers saw the every late Ronnie Johnson show up later than normal and then make a few laps in second then he took the lead from Gibson and walked away, David Payne made a good charge at RJ but couldn’t catch the flyin #5

1 Ronnie Johnson

2 Kevin Gibson

3 David Payne

4 Gar Dickson

Mod Pony was a great race with the 14 of Ralph Langston and the 5 of John Smith really having it hooked up and walking away from the field, with the N27 already on the trailer from a visit to the dr’s office the order at the finish was…

1 Ralph Langston

2 John Smith

3 Lamar Cook

4 Bruce Kimber

5 Caleb Howard

Got a few issues I will be discussing in this weeks thoughts from the dr so stay tuned!!


the dr.

"The coach"



  1. SLY 1 says:

    As I’v said MANY times Dr,,I’m not up on your local tracks,and the drivers,,but I do like the pictures,of the cars and the poeple,,good show buddy.

  2. joe dirt says:

    why don’t you have the d20 listed on here we got paid for fourth cause tom darby didn’t finish due to a rearend failure. you are still doing a great job at this. hope to see yall this week too..

    • drflavio309 says:

      Sorry I missed this but it has been al long week, i was waiting to try and find out who was in the D20 and the answer never came and I posted it with out the car in the line up but you are right…. now who was in the car?lol

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