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Quick look at the Points battles at NGS…

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September 2010
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Quick look at points race…..

Mod Pony is a good race with Ralph Langston holding a good lead over Grady Stokes, who has missed a few races this year, Grady Better watch out Caleb “Noodle” Howard is coming fast Noodle who has struggled with his handling the past couple weeks has this going in the right direction to take 2nd pl;ace away from Grady. And Grady’s daughter Natasha Stokes is hanging in there with 4th only 4 points behind Caleb. This should be a good race to the end of the season, no time for mistakes from any of the leaders and this may come down to the wire…

Econo Hobby has heated up with some of the early season drivers falling back late in the season, and at the top of the list in his first full season is Glenn “ the Grim Reaper” Grimsley in the 64 car late season hot shoe Eric Hambone Hamsby has made a real strong late season charge but it may be a little to late to take the title, he sits 86 points back..

Mod Hobby has been one of the best classes to watch all year with lot’s of winners and good racing each week, Devin “dirt Demon” Stuart leads with 423 points and 5 wins this year, followed closely by Tim Ford with 396 Larry Higgins who has drove a couple cars this year is in third charging hard with 371 points and 8 wins.

Crates has seen Darrell Owenby with 416 points ,who has 5 wins this year doing a god job of holding off TEAM17’s Jeff Smith who with his 12 wins has not finished out of the top5 all year long Jeff is followed by Jim Bob Davis with 302 but hard charging Aaron Wilson is making a real strong charge here at the end of the season is poised to move up with his good finishes. He sits 4th with 276 points.

Limited has been a real mixed bag this year with lots of winners. Devin Dilbeck leads by 20 points over Trig Parris.

So this is how it stand with 3 races remaining, who is going to hang on and who will fall back, can a nw winner step in an mix it all up?

I know I ain’t making any predictions…. I am just gonna sit back wand watch some of the best racing in the south east!

Hope to see everyone out for the VRS Series tonight ..

as always if you see me holler at me and say hi!


the dr.


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