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VRS Comes to NGS!

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September 2010
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The V.R.S. Bunch comes to north GA….

Before I start tonight’s story, I want to thank each and everyone of you who spoke to me at the track and made all the offers of chair’s and places to sit, I didn’t think I looked that but seriously thank you… YOU know who you are….

Randy Weaver's new ride

Now lets talk racing!!!!

how about this, Aaron Wilson drives the S14, OK with me? Tonight he qualified with a 14.14 second lap! Or how about at one time there were 2 cars with the same number running 1st and 2nd and you skip a car and 2 car #11’s were running 5th and 6th, call that one by the numbers….or that 8 cars who tried to make the super show, were within .04 of a second on 2 qualifying laps… pretty good…

how about that the 5 of Ronnie Johnson hasn’t lost at NGS since he lost his drive shaft on the front stretch that night…. guess that means he found it?

OK on with the real news…..

With lots of mix up in the nights usual program, mixing in the supers heats and hot laps, it was confusing early, but once things settled down it started moving pretty fast, the Econo Hobby Class only signed in 6 cars so no heats for them it was straight to the feature with your draw number as your starting spot……putting points leader Glen Grimsley on the pole with Justin Thomas on the outside front row, at the drip of the green Thomas pulled away with Grimsley taking chase, followed by Tom Darby,The D20 car (More on this in a minute) and the C12 of Chapman, Thomas was just too strong to be challenged for the lead but it was a great battle as Grimsley fought for the spot with Tom Darby, but I have to stop to say that Tom Darby once said when he was asked how long he had been racing responded “ I been practicing for over 50 years,” Tom followed the 64 of Grimsley for a couple laps found a spot and went for it, passing the 64 clean, and earning himself a 2nd for the night. Now I know what was written down as Driver for the D20 it said Joe Dockery and I seen Joe at the track, but Joe must have been sitting on some phone books during the race, and he must of got a new helmet, could it have been a slip up was made on the name? Looked a lot like Bo Eaton to me, …. but at the line it was..

7 Thomas

111 Darby

D20 ???

64 Grimsley

Mod Hobby had 2 heats with Devon Stuart taking the first one , but new to the mix at the front of the field was Delbert Haynes old MR Smooth himself showing them he could still get it done getting caught up in slower traffic the first few laps and getting a run going moving from close to the back to run out of laps chasing the 20 of Devin Stuart. Heat 2 say Larry Higgins lead Greg Surderth to the line setting up a good front two rows for the feature, and in the feature it was Higgins and Stuart on the front row and Haynes and Surderth on the second, at the drop of the green it was land rush to turn one but Higgins made it there first, with the other 20 Devin Stuart close , but in the first couple laps the 20 broke something on the car and got hit from behind, he would finish out the night but again just to keep his points lead, tough night for the dirt demon the line it was like this..

20 Larry Higgins

34 Greg Surderth

11 Delbert Haynes

11 Mark Bishop


Jeff Smith "the Villanow Villian"

For the first time in a long time there was not a TEAM17 car on the front row! The front row for the nights feature was the 4 car of Scott Franks and the 18 of Sam Parris leading them to the green, and Franks hung on for a while until Jeff Smith in the 17S got there, Jeff took the lead and never looked back, Team mate Randy Hill was taken out with a cut tire. There was some confusion as to who was in the 41 this week Lee Deal or Allen Green well I watched Allen get in the car, and his skills at NGS showed pretty quick as he headed off in chase of Jeff Smith the starting top 4 stayed the same just switching positions at the line it was…

17S Jeff Smith

41 Allen Green

18 Sam Parris

4 Scott Franks


Flyin Brian Burke

WOW…. I was wondering If there were ever going to run a green lap, I could be wrong but I think I stopped counting yellows at like 8 or 9 but once they got going it was some pretty good racing, with Trig Parrish taking the lead with the B39 of Burke in hot pursuit, but charging out of 6th starting spot was Shannon Bearden coming hard, Burke and Bearden battled lap after lap but at the line it was …

1 Trig Parrish

17 Shannon Bearden

B39 Brian Burke

30 Devin Dilbeck

Steve Smith

Super Late Models

In the Volunteer Racing Series 40 lapper tonight it was a field of 28 making a try at the 22 starting spots, Randy Weaver had his new car out, and looked really fast in hot laps heats and Qualifying, but so did a few other drivers too,Mike Weeks in the 22 Milkman car had it figured out pretty good, but as we all know so did the 5 car of Ronnie Johnson, who while he didn’t start on the pole looked like he would be untouchable AGAIN, even after a hard lick from the 22 getting in turn one couldn’t upset the multi time winner RJ, he just drove off and left them at the line it was

5 Ronnie Johnson

201 billy Ogle

22 Mike Weeks

4t Tommy Kerr

Mod Pony rolled out to close out the show and it was a Grady and Ralph show, with normal front runner Billy Callahan suffering mechanical issues Grady Stokes took off in the 27 car and was just out having a drive, Ralph Langston kept him honest running second at the line it was

27 Stokes

14 Langston

9 Bruce Kimber

28S Brandon Satterfield

I want to add it was good to see Natasha Stokes back after the hit she took last week in turn one,

looking forward to the next week of racing, and got some interesting story lines for the coming week.

Sign at bottom of trailer says it all...... Chasing a Dream!

So keep following the action here at top of the box…


the dr.


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