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Thoughts from the dr……..

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September 2010
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Thoughts from the dr…….

If what I have seen as far as when the points races are over then we have some new champions, like Ralph “the Varnell Hit-man” Langston in Mod pony, with a 446 points and a 96 point lead over Stokes, no one can catch him if there are only 2 races left…..the battle will be for second between Grady Stokes and Caleb Howard…. only separated by 12 points, that spot is up in the air.

Crates Darrell Owenby can’t be caught either he leads with 416 points Jeff Smith is 68 back, he can’t catch him in 2 weeks.

Limited is another story, this one could go down to the wire Devin Dilbeck is leading Trig Parris but only by the slimmest of margins Dilbeck has 439 and Parris has 423 so this race ain’t over yet either.

Mod Hobby still has a lot of fight in it too Devin Stuart is leading by 23 over Tim Ford so this one is still anyone’s race. and Higgins is right there too with 396 who knows in this class…..

Econo Hobby is locked up… in his first season in the car Glenn Grimsley has locked up the race 2nd is Eric Hamby but Hamby only has 237 to 344 of Grimsley so he can not catch him. 2nd may still be up in the air with Hamby and Fletcher separated by 7 points right now.

Supers didn’t change this past weekend since it was a series race.

Still lots of good racing to be done.

I am looking for fan input, but this is going to take a little work, you will have to email me.. at let me know who you would vote for in the following categories:

1 Driver of the year (All classes combined)

2 Most improved Driver ( All Classes )

3 Favorite race of the year…

If I can get a few people to vote on these I will be giving away a prize or two here, it won’t be much but I will think of something. I will be picking out of the list of entries I get in who will win. May have my 3 year old pick the winners. But either way I need some votes.. nothing by class these are all over all votes.

Mid week Ramblins will be out thursday this week….


the dr.


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