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Rain wins second race of year!

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September 2010
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Results from NGS 9-11-10

Mother nature won her second race this year. The rain came soon as the track was rolled in and they were getting ready for drivers meeting. And boy did it come down… lot’s of cars had already signed in and were getting ready to race when the rain fell, even though it caused the cancellation of the nights races it gave me a good chance to talk to some of the drivers, one of them was Darrell Owenby, the new crate class points champion, I asked Darrell how it felt to be “champ” and Darrell was smiling but he said that he felt Jeff Smith deserved it more with his string of wins, but points is points and Darrell was happy to win it.

Joe Dirt made it over with the D20 and was ready to race but would up loading in the rain.

After the race was called drivers stood around in the pits watching fellow drivers make attempts at getting out of the track, that was worth the price of getting in.

It was good to see the J29 unload last night, Jeff Jones first time out this year with his big Ford, but never got a chance to make a lap.

Jeff’s nephew Joey Jones who was injured overseas while in the Marine Corp is doing much better and still needs our prayers and good wishes, please keep him and his family in your prayers.

I spoke with Kieth Jackson who drives the 328 in limited and he would like to let everyone know that he would be done for the year if not for the help from Clint Wooten and Jody Ridley who helped him get his motor back in tune so he could finish out the season, so a big “Atta boy “ to the two legends around here Clint Wooten and Jody Ridley for helping an up and coming driver get his ducks in a row!.

Shannon Bearden and his dance moves...

I am still taking votes for the 3 categories of Driver of the year, most improved driver and most memorable race of the year. The votes are pretty tight so far so make sure you vote for your favorite driver and the one you think is the most improved. email your votes to me at

I have decided to do the “house calls by the dr” part of my blog during the off season so if you would like the dr to make a house call please shoot me an email and we will work out something.

I personally want to thank each of you who have offered help and prayers as I go thru my medical ordeal, it has been tough just getting to the track each of the past two weeks but seeing all of you racing sure makes me feel better.

I have some picture disc that I have burned and if you have asked for one let me know and I will see about getting it to you in the next week or so since there will be no racing in the next week. I am also putting together a set of pictures called the year in review featuring some of my favorite pictures this year and some of the best of the best… if your interested let me know I will get you on the list…. the price will be $15.00 for these and they will have a slide show of lot’s of my pictures from the past year….


the dr.

Bent Clark heads out of the track


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  1. SLY 1 says:

    Don’t ya just hate it when the sky opens up??LOL
    As we used to say, and what they say today,is–Thats Racin–
    Good job Dr,,always like your Blogs

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