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9/25/10 NGS Full Story

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September 2010
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9-25-10 Results and Story

2 things before I get started, first Thanks to the track and officials that allowed me to take Cody Herron’s place in turn one this week. That was fun and it give me a new way to look at the races I will be sharing this thru one of my blog’s latter.

Second, Since I was pretty busy most of the night I didn’t get to walk around and talk to as many drivers as I normally do so I may seem like somethings are missing this week.

Man what a night of racing it was with heats in all classes and some good action in all classes….

Econo Hobby rolled out 2 heats with Justin Thomas taking the win in the first heat and Joe Dockery taking the second win. Lining them up on the front row for the Econo Feature.

Mod Hobby rolled out 2 heats as well with Higgins and the 17 of Roy Patterson on the front row for the feature….

Limited saw Brian Jackson and Devin Dilbeck win the heats and line up on the front row.

Crates qualified and it was Jeff Smith “TOPOFTHEBOX Driver of the Year” on the pole.

The supers were all in the 12’s and it was Kevin Gibson bringing them to the line with David Payne on the front row.

Even Mod Pony had heats with Billy Callahan and Grady Stokes bringing them to the line in the feature.

Then came the features…..

In Econo Hobby it was a cake walk for the 7 car of Justin Thomas but he was met at the scales with protest money, and he elected to tear down and for what was checked he was found legal, and the final results were

#7 Justin Thomas

#99 Tom Peters

#21 Eric Hamby

#111 Tom Darby

Then came the Mod Hobby’s…… into turn one with the full field set on RACE mode the 18 of Randy Walston pulls a dive bomb into one and runs over the 20 car of Larry Higgins and the entire field piles up in the middle of 1 and 2. it took over 30 minutes just to sort the cars out and get the damaged cars off the track Randy Walston was Disqualified, not for his driving but for his crew coming on to the track when the crash occurred. Rule book clearly states that if a crew member comes on the track then the driver will be DQ’ed. At the line it was …

#1 Jr Whitner

#43 Tim Ford

#17 Roy Patterson

#11 Mark Bishop

Crates rolled out next with Driver of the year Jeff Smith on the front row and when the green dropped it was the Jeff Smith show, as he just drove off and left them, but the 2nd place car was no surprise it was Doug “The Elder” Kilgore showing he can still get a race car around this place. At the line it was….

#17S Jeff Smith

#44 Doug Kilgore

#18 Sam Parrish

#12 Darrell Owenby

The Limited Late’s were up next and it was the B4 of Brian Jackson showing the way in the early going but the 30 car of Devin Dilbeck was making ground, and the B4 pushed up a wee bit in one and two the 30 of Dilbeck was starting to get under him more and more finally taking the lead and never looking back….at the checkered it was

#30 Devin Dilbeck

#1 Trig Parris

#B4 Brian Jackson

#17 Shannon Bearden

The supers did not disappoint at all with Derek Ellis, Kevin Gibson and David Payne all 3 racing so close you could of covered them with a baby blanket! These guys were flat hauling the mail as the ran lap for lap like that but at the line it was

#M45 Kevin Gibson

#8 David Payne

#99 Derek Ellis

Mod Pony rolled out next with a pretty good side field, it was Grady Stokes who lead the first lap and the 32 of Callahan was hot on his heals, and at the line it was

#27 Grady Stokes

#32 Billy Callahan

#14 Ralph Langston

#7 Caleb Howard.

It was a great night of racing with a new perspective on how the show is run and how each official plays a big part in the smooth running of the show. I have a entire blog on this coming in the next few days.

I want to take a second and mention the winning drivers in the recent TOPOFTHEBOX readers poll… North Georgia Speedway Driver of the Year, Jeff “Spanky” Smith driver of the Hill Motorsports #17S and the driver who got the most votes as the “TOPOFTHEBOX” North Georgia Speedway “Most Improved Driver” Glenn Grimsley driver of the #64 Econo Hobby car.

The votes cast for this pol was a real surprise to me with over 630 ballots tallied and it took a couple days for it to get it all figured out. And yeah I counted 3 times and had my math genius son count them once too.

Seriously Both of these drivers have worked hard all year long to get to where they are. So the hard work pays off and I am working the prizes for next year too, so any sponsors out there we can get something going to help everyone.

There will be a dedicated blog for the two awards along with pictures and a special slide show Disc. Should anyone or a company want to step up and help with a nice prize pack for these drivers we have until the VRS race when the awards will be presented. So just contact me at “Email the dr”

With one points race left this weeks “thoughts from the dr “ will look at the points race one last time…..


The dr.

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