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10 2 10 NGS Results and Story

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October 2010
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10/2/10 North Georgia Speedway results…

The night was cool, the track was bad fast, a good crowd , what more could you ask for? Jeff Smith carried the flag while his daughter Carli sang the National Anthem, and I must say she was AWESOME! It put a tear in my eye watching her sing as her dad rolled around with the American Flag. A very special thanks to TEAM17 Driver Jeff Smith and his daughter Carli I don’t think that has ever been done at NGS before.

Mod Hobby was first to roll out for heats and it was good racing in both of them with Mark Bishop winning the first one and Randy Walston the second one. Putting them both on the front row for the feature.

The next heats were in the Crate Class and it was Doug Kilgore and Jeff Smith winning the heats putting them on the front row for the crate feature.

The limited’s qualified and it was the B39 of Brian Burke setting fast time with a 13.60 and Trig Parris sharing the front row with him.

The supers saw Derek Ellis turn a smoking lap of 12.592 on his first lap but dumped fluid’s on the track going into one on his second lap dropping him to 5th in the starting order, Gary McPhearson was on a roll last night looking like the Gary Mac of old as he was second only to the Ax Man Kevin Gibson who turned in a 12.443 lap for the pole.

When the features rolled out it was Econo Hobby first and Tom Darby proved your never too old as he set sail and drove off but he was hampered by a broken axle which dropped him out of the lead and back to 5th, the 98 of Craig King took the lead and started to drive off when the 64 and New NGS Econo Hobby points Champion Glenn Grimsley started reeling the 98 car in but ran out of laps and at the line it was…

! King

2 Grimsley (2010 Econo Hobby Points Champion )

3 Dockery

4 Pilgrim

Mod Hobby feature was next with the 11 of Mark Bishop and Randy Walston on the front row and it was all Randy Walston wire to wire taking the win, Devin Stuart who unloaded his 20 car to find he had no oil pressure jumped in the 99 of Don Farmer and took 2 laps to clinch the Points Championship for 2010. At the line it was

1 Walston

2 Tim Ford

3 Mike Bryson

4 Derek Chapman

Devin Stuart Wins 2010 Mod Hobby Points Championship.

The Crates came out next and with Jeff Smith and Doug Kilgore on the front row it was going to be a good race, Jeff took the ealy lead with Kilgore “the Elder” right on his back bumper where he stayed until lapped traffic gave Jeff Smith a little breathing room and at the checkered flag it was ,

1 Smith

2 Kilgore

3 Stanley

4 Sam Parrish

The 12 of Darrell Owenby wins the 2010 Crate Points Championship

The limited feature was next as Brian Burke and Trig Parris filled the front row and when the flagman dropped the green it took 5 yeah thats right 5 restarts to get one lap in but it was the B39 of Burke taking off with Parris hot on his heels, at the line it was

1 Burke

2 Parris

3 Devin Dilbeck (2010 Limited Late Model Points Champion)

4 Randy Dillard

But Parris’ car owner protested the B39 and Burke who has been tore down once this year by the same person would not tear down and he was DQ’ed handing the win to Trig Parris.

The Supers were next and seems they has problems getting one lap in the books too without a yellow, as the 8X of Ronnie Payne wound up on the hood of the 07 of Scott Hill coming off of turn one to take the green but once things were sorted out, it was Kevin Gibson taking the lead over the 8 of David “the Coach “ Payne and there he stayed as he led wire to wire. Gary McPhearson was back to his old self last night as he was really fast in qualifying and was strong in the race finishing 3rd but at the line it was,

1 Kevin Gibson

2 David Payne (2010 Super Late Model Points Champion )

3 Gary McPhearson

4 Derek Ellis

Mod Pony was the last race of the evening and it was Grady Stokes and Billy Callahan on the front row, with Stokes taking the early lead followed closely by Callahan and the 32 was not to be denied as he passed Stokes and checked out at the line it was

1 Billy Callahan

2 Grady Stokes

3 Ralph Langston (2010 Mod Pony Points Champion.)

4 Caleb Howard

It was a great night of racing but I want to say we really missed our regular announcer Tony Ray who had some prior commitments he had to attend, so he left the mic in the hands of some guy with a huge mustasche…. Hurry Back Tony !!!!!

Big Steve Stroupes also had prior commitments and I want to say that Scott boyd done a fine job filling in for him.

Due to being in the announcers booth there are no pictures this week sorry.

Next Race is the 23rd of this month. It is a VRS series event hopoe to see everyone there for the points awards.

Stay tuned for this weeks “thoughts fro the dr.”


the dr.


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