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October 2010
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Thoughts from the dr……..

Well there aren’t to many job’s left for me to try at North Georgia Speedway, this past Saturday night I marked announcing off my bucket list when I filled in for Tony Ray. I think one of the things that made the night special was when Carli Smith sang the National Anthem, I will admit as I stood there behind her I had tears in my eyes. She done a great job, it was special to watch her as she sang, and watched her Dad Jeff Smith carry the flag, I checked around and I don’t think that has ever been done before at NGS.

I have never been a fan of the protest system and Saturday night showed why, when the car owner of Trig Parris protested Brian Burke, if Burke had of smoked the entire field on his way to the win yeah I could of seen it but it was a ver very close race with the 31 car and the B39, seems like the last time Burke won he was tore down that night too….

Over the past couple days I have been thinking about he points races we have seen this year trying to remember a better one, and I can’t in Econo Hobby Glenn Grimsley in his first full year of racing showed that you got to be there every night to win, Eric Hamby took home 4 wins this year but finished 3rd in the points Joe Dockery had a couple wins and wound up 2nd, the battle between Dockery and Hamby came down to the last race , they were tied going into the last night of racing when Hamby who was at work didn’t make the show and Dockery took 2nd.

In Mod Hobby it has been Devin Stuart and Tim Ford all year battling back and forth, and even though Stuart has a pretty good lead it’s neverover till it’s over and when devin Stuart unloaded his car he found he had no oil pressure, it could have been the end to his night and his season with Tim Ford out there racing for the win, but Devin jumped in the 99 of Don Farmer and started the race clinching the points title.

In Mod Pony it was Ralph Langston in a walk since he has had the points locked up for a couple weeks Grady Stokes made a good last season charge but came up short after missing a number of races this year. Caleb Howard finished the season in 3rd behind Stokes.

Crates it was Darrell Owenby who locked up the title even though Jeff Smith won a ton of races this year he missed the first few weeks putting him in the hole early, it was close but Jeff will have to start early next year. Darrell Owenby is your crate points champion.

Limited was a nail bitter and it went right down to the wire with Trig Parris and Devin Dilbeck even though Parris’s car owner protested the B39 to try and get another win it wasn’t enough as Devin Dilbeck is you points champion for 2010.

In supers it was David Payne taking the title over Derek Ellis when the Coach took home a second place to Kevin Gibson this past week, Points champion is David Payne with Derek Ellis second.

So here is the list…

Econo Hobby 2010 Points Champion ….. Glenn Grimsley

Mod Hobby 2010 Points Champion…….. Devin Stuart

Mod Pony 2010 Points Champion………. Ralph Langston

Crates 2010 Points Champion…………… Darrell Owenby

Limited Late Model 2010 Points Champion… Devin Dilbeck

Super Late Model 2010 Points Champion .. David Payne.

Way to go to all the 2010 North Georgia Speedway Points Champions….


the dr.



  1. Carol Thomas says:

    As part owner of the #1 car driven by Trig Parris, I disagree with your protest view. Rules are made to be followed, you either run legal or you are illegal, anyone who is protested should be proud to tear down if you are legal. I don’t agree with anyone reaching in my pocket and stealing from me, and if you run illegal, that is all you have accomplished. I hate to win a race that way, but I hate even worse to lose a race that way.

    • drflavio309 says:

      I stand by my statement. I haveknown Brian Burke for a very long time, and I know that he would not run a car that was illegal. I have seen the 1 car protest a couple times this year, and both times it was when they got beat fair and square. so you say what you want … i know what the real deal is.

      the dr.

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