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October 2010
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Thoughts from the dr…….

Okay let’s look at some news items I have heard in the past week or so…..


Micheal Meyers was injured in an on the job accident and got 8 stitches in his lip, but is now at home resting…


Kenny Kizzar is out of the A-1 crate car for next year, no replacement driver has been named as yet.


Cliff Kazy owner of the 27 Crate car that was driven by Patrick Harvey and Johnny Cloer Jr this year, has bought a new car and will be back next year racing all he can.


Johnny Cloer Jr. has his own car almost ready to go look for him soon!

Randy Hill is out for the year, damage to his car will keep him out for a while, but TEAM17 is still going strong with Jeff Smith in the 17S.


Robbie Hair who raced most of the year in Limited will be running Crates next year.


John Paul who ran Econo Hobby this year has bought a new Warrior and will be running Limited next year.


Okay so much for the news…..

Big Steve Hixson the announcer at Boyd’s and that “other “track has a radio show on and his show is on every Monday night if your not a regular listener you should be, besides you could hear the dr on there !!1 it is from 7 to 8 pm every Monday night. Give it a listen. You can even listen on line by clicking on the listen live link at the top of the page.


I have been going thru pictures and stories from the past year looking at the year in a review sort of way and I think NGS has had a great year considering what has went on with the track over the past few years. And I have thought that if we were to give the promoters at NGS a grade like on a report card that Timmy would get a B+. The only thing that I think he could of done better was a little more promotion of the track and events. But since Timmy took over the track prep he has had a couple nights that the track wasn’t real good but he has had lot’s of nights where it was smokin fast too. And for the most part the track was great all year. So for that and for keeping the track open I give Timmy a B+.


The next race will be Oct. 23 it will be the final race of the year at NGS, although I would like to see a “Thanksgiving Thunder 50 “ But without sponsors this isn’t going to happen, so if you know someone who would be willing to foot the bill I am sure Timmy would be willing to listen…..

The 2010 NGS points Championship awards will be awarded on this night as well, I hear that the top 5 in points will be honored. Still waiting on the details I will post them soon as I get them.

Well if you got something news worth holler at me at anytime!


the dr.






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  1. james verner says:

    well since post nothing on the forum i will just do it here i have heard that the track may not run next year i live about 3 mins from the track and started building a hobby car but will not have it ready until next year just really taking it slow because if they don’t will just sell it because dont want to pull that far every week to race so if you know the schedule for next

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