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October 2010
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Thoughts from the dr. One quick note, Jeff Smith wins at Talladega Short Track last night. Can anyone beat him? I mean last week he spanked The Chattanooga Flash Ronnie Johnson at Boyd’s and this week he travels over to Ala. And spanks them over there. Way to go to the Villanow Villan!

Last week saw the points champions get their trophies and awards. The topofthebox awards were given out too. Glenn Grimsley and Jeff Smith most improved driver and driver of the year, respectively. Still no word on the rules for NGS for next year sure hope they can iron those out soon so drivers can get busy on cars for next year.

Big Steve Hixson made mention of a possible race Thanksgiving weekend on his radio show but no word yet if it will happen, if they do plan on pulling this off they need to get busy and get the word out! A lot of talk the past week has been on the 64 car’s super slow roll over last week after getting punted by the red 8 car getting into turn 3, funny no official saw it happen. Nor did they see this same car beating on the car in front of him on the coming to the green lap or on restarts. But as I was told, “thats racing”

Watched the Modified race on Speed last night and I gotta know… where do they get these announcers? Sara Jane Hunt…. my God some one fire her! She ain’t good looking and her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. And they had “Herman” Wallace in the booth…… must be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

NASCAR lost a pioneer this week when Jim Hunter passed away, he wore many hats for years in the sport, as a writer, PR man, and VP of NASCAR his knowledge and wisdom will be missed.

There may not be much to write about this winter, but I will try to find a few tidbits to keep you entertained, like some of the stories I have and some I have heard, some are funny some are heart warming but over the next few weeks I will try to share them with you, if anyone has any news please PLEASE shoot me an email and allow me to share it with the readers. CYA@THERACES the dr.


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  1. Cody says:

    I got some news. Let congrats to Booger Brooks for winning the 411 race yesterday. He won his heat race and then went on to when the feature race. He has now won 85 races and he is only 22 years old so this dude got his career in racing looking good. He is also the 2010 A-hobby points champion at Boyds Speedway this season. He makes winning races look easy but it not and he can win in any car at any track. Great job Booger Brooks.

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