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November 2010
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Sad but good news local car owner Cliff Kazy (27 in crates) a heart attack early Saturday morning and is in Memorial Hospital he had a stint put in yesterday and was resting last I heard, please keep him in your prayers .


Bad as I hate to say it …. still no word on rules for next year, I have sent emails, called, and reached out every way I know except going to Timmy’s house trying to get word on what the rules will be for next year to no avail. Soon as I hear anything I will pass it along.


Now let me shift gears to NASCAR and some of the antic’s that happened today, here is my take on them…

Gordon shoving Burton… Burton had it coming, but it was the wrong place , NASCAR has enough detractors and no sense in giving them reason to get up in arms, but it was good to see some passion for a change, just wish it would have been 2 different drivers.


Kyle Busch giving an official the finger…… pure and simple low class move, I understand he was ticked off and I understand he was really mad, but that ain’t the way to do it he hurt his team more than anything by putting them a couple laps down,, now the question is how much is NASCAR gonna nail him for in its “you know it’s coming fine” .


he 24 pit crew pitting the 48 car…… well, from Knaus’ point of view, you got to do what you got to do, but that don’t help anything, by benching his guys he has sent a message to the crew that they can be replaced, now will they give 100% next race? Yeah but will it be enough? Seems like Knaus is putting the blame every where but where it should be, he is the leader, it is his calls and his direction that leads the team so he should blame himself first .. not bash the crew on national TV.

Now I am not saying you have to agree with me , but its how the dr see’s it!



the dr.

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