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November 2010
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Since NGS held it’s last race Oct 23, it seems like it has been forever since I had seen a race car, so when I heard that Cleveland Speedway was holding a swap meet and that it would be followed by open practice I called a friend and off to Cleveland we went, I might add that it has been over 5 year since I had been to Cleveland, I just could not get along with the promoter, Monty Morrow, so I stayed away. Well after last Saturday I wish I had stayed away then………

In my 30 plus years of being around racing I have had the joy of going to well over 200 race tracks from sea to shining sea, I think I looked each one up a long time ago and I decided that I had been to race tracks in 28 different states. Never in all my years have I seen such a mess. It looked like the track has been watered with 4 small bottles of drinking water, and what water did make it to the track ran off in the huge ruts .

I saw frontrunners hitting holes in the track and the back of those poor cars were bouncing 2 feet in the air! The promoter sat and watched, doing nothing… I watched as driver after driver loaded up race cars and left, and the whole time Monty sat there like “Why you guys leaving?” the man didn’t have a clue…. what a shame too that could be one fast race track if someone who cared would take it over. I saw the pebbles and rocks, the ruts , the dust, it was horrible. I have seen dirt roads that didn’t have that much dust. But they kept sending cars out on it.

That was bad, but it wasn’t the thing that really got me, what got me was the flags….. 3 United States flags in such poor shape I had to really look to make sure that is what I was looking at. As a Vet, this really made me mad, to see “Old Glory “ in such disrepair. Then when I got to checking, I found out that the local VFW had donated 7 brand new flags to the track over the past year! And I also found out that a few Vet’s had went and bought flags and taken them down to Monty but he has yet to put any of them up. My contact at the local VFW told me they had received many many complaints about it and that the people who had complained had first spoken to the track and got the the “oh well” attitude.

This is one of the problems with people and tracks today, they just don’t care, veterans lay down their lives for the right to go race and tracks can’t honor them with a simple flag.

I am proud to say that NGS has presented the colors on a weekly basis, and done so with honor, and I am proud to be part of that.

I will NOT be going back to the Gobbler race this year in protest of just that. Now maybe next year IF things change I will venture up the road a few more times, but if things remain the same…. well I may of just seen that track for the last time.



the dr.



  1. Travis says:

    Wow…that is just a d-bag thing from Monty but I guess what else can we expect?

  2. bb king says:

    wow! thats really a shame about those flags, total disrespect for out vets. Thank you for posting this, i always read your blogs but this is one that needs to be seen! I have desided my family and i will be going elsewhere this weekend. Monty i hope you lose your tail this weekend.

    from a former fan,
    Bob Brown

  3. sam says:

    Hang in there guys it has been said that after the Gobbler Mr Monty is out. Hopefully the person that gets it will have a true love for racing and the quality of the facility.

  4. eddie cloer says:

    i wish that monty show repect i agree with the dr monty need some help it sound like clevend need new owners

  5. SLY 1 says:

    Dr, there is ”nothing” more sickining than to see the flar in such aray,Yes the season is drawing to a close and all the ”good” people will be home getting their riggs ready for next year,, you including. Have a great one,Good Blog, as always.

  6. SLY 1 says:

    flar = flag,, sorry

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