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The dr’s thoughts on NASCAR….

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November 2010
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The dr’s thoughts on NASCAR……

Today NASCAR crowned its champion for the year, Jimmie Johnson,( again what self respecting male spells his name with “ie” instead of “y”?) I personally have issues with this format they have adopted, the “Chase” they call it. It does nothing to prove who is the best driver and team through out the year. But enough on that lets get to the crux of the matter…..

NASCAR was formed many years ago to organize a group of drivers who loved to race, it helped to create a series that showcased drivers and teams who came to race. And why did they race? Because THEY LOVED RACING! Not for the money mot for the fame but for the thrill of the sport. And that is gone today, thanks to the efforts of the idiot Brian France who had the empire his grandfather and father built handed to him on a silver platter, and after the founding fathers passed away, Brian decided to change things so it would bring in a richer, nor affluent fan. It didn’t take long for him to find that, that, in itself wouldn’t work, so he tried to save it with the chase format, and that too has not worked. Not for the real fans, the one’s who have supported NASCAR from its birth, no they, the real fan’s were appalled at what NASCAR has become under this buffoon named Brian France.

The drivers who race today race not for the love of the sport, but for the money….. in direct contrast to what the founding fathers envisioned. Yeah there are a few drivers who still race because they really love the sport, here are a few of them, Kyle Busch, (I know I don’t like him and I have spent many pages on here bashing him, but he does race for the right reasons, he really loves to race.) Jeff Gordon, he has all the money he could ever spend but he is still there each and every week, Kasey Kahne, he has racing in his blood, he still races anything he can get into supports his own sprint car team giving young and up and coming drivers who don’t have daddy’s money to support them. Clint Bowyer, he too loves racing and spreads his own money around supporting other forms of racing. Kevin Harvick, another driver who supports other forms of racing giving other drivers chances to get seat time. Now look at the current “Champion” Jimmie Johnson…. what does he support? Nothing but his own self, his own little world in which he is king… he has NASCAR in his back pocket because he is the poster boy for the sport that Brian France has developed, and no it’s not the same NASCAR that millions of fans have supported for years, no, the new NASCAR or NASCRAP as I like to refer to it is not a series for the racers who love the sport it’s for the rich boys who got tons of daddy’s money that Brian France wants so bad.

Take some of these prima donna drivers back a few years and let them race on some of the historic tracks of the real NASCAR, like North Wilksboro, or Rockingham, Riverside, Bowman Gray Stadium, just to name a few, and see what they think of the3m, oh I can hear it now” they don’t have room for my million dollar motor home, or they don’t have a private restroom for us upper level drivers” it is how the sport has evolved….. but is it good for racing? Not just no but HELL NO!!! it has killed the sport so many of us love. And all thanks to Dumb ass Brian France, and his “Vision” for the sport. He was recently quoted as saying “Last year I stood at this podium and pledged we would hold the line on major changes, and we have,” NASCAR President and CEO Brian France said during the annual media tour in Charlotte, N.C.

“The sport and the fans have been through a great deal of necessary change over the last 10 years. Now we’re in a period where we’re letting those changes mature, and you know, the changes are working well” really? Working well for who? For him and his multi million dollar house and divorce settlement? Yeah I am sure it is working for him…. but for me and the other fans of REAL RACING that I know… it is falling way short. NASCRAP has driven away the fans who spend hard earned money on stuff at the track the one’s who save for months to attend one race a year, all of those fans have been gone, all that is left are the yuppie fans who got lot’s of money to spend, not the real fan who loves racing.

But Brian France, thinks things are going good, we have teams closing left and right, teams joining forces just to try and stay alive, drivers who have raced for free to help the teams, but yet, Brian France still thinks things are going good….. yeah Brian your smoking crack rock again…..come down off your ivory tower and look at the real world, see how the other half live, the ones who have supported NASCRAR thru the years. But no you can’t do that because you don’t want to. You still got ton’s of money to spend and you refuse to listen to the fans until it’s too late.. what a shame.

Now I will step down off my soap box….


the dr.


1 Comment

  1. SithLord196 says:

    I couldn’t agree more with everything said here.

    I’d add another name to your list of guys who love to race though… I feel JPM has to be up there. He doesn’t need anymore money(he raced in F-1, and has lived in Monte Carlo), yet is out there racing every week.

    As for the state of NASCAR… next season I will be tuning into Formula-1. Let’s compare the two seasons. NASCAR had about 5 or 6 points lead changes over 36 races. Formula-1 had 9 or 10 over 19 races, including the Driver’s Champion not taking the points at any point in the season until the end of the final race. Now that was a season of racing over there.

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