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Year end thoughts from the dr.

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December 2010
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This has been a year of first for me, first year of covering NGS, first year of really getting serious about pictures,I worked with Big Steve Stroupes in the flagstand, served as a corner flagman, even worked as an announcer, shoot I even got a guest spot on a TV show,…..

Mitch "the dr." Walker , Mark Wooten, & Jeff "Spanky" Smith

…. yeah thats right I was honored to be asked to join Mark Wooten and Jeff “Spanky” Smith on the year end episode of “All Revved Up.” on Charter Media.the view from the stools....... Mark Wooten said it was so people could put a face with the blog, I hate to tell him, but there is more mustashe than face here, but it was a blast seeing the behind the scenes on a TV show. A big topofthebox thanks to Mark for asking me on, loved it and I am available anytime…….


I had a dream the other night that I was suddenly in charge of North Ga. Speedway…….now your thinking what would the dr do with NGS? Well its easy here it goes, now keep in mind this is some hard stuff to decide but you have to look at the future of the track and racing around here, first on the list, drop supers from the weekly show. Bring them in once a month or so for a big show, make limited late model top class, leave crate’s the same, change the Econo Hobby and Modified Hobby to be close to Boyd’s rules so cars could run both tracks. Leave pony’s alone and add a chain race, or a freight train race once a month. Get the name of the track out there thru radio and TV ad’s. And up the pay to all classes since dropping supers free’s up some cash. I know it ain’t much but hey it was my dream!!!


I am putting together a “rumors” Blog, so please share your rumors you have heard no matter how wrong or outlandish they are and I will see if we can’t get them in a blog soon….send them to


the dr.


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  1. Terry Bingham says:

    hey doc i think your on the right track on your dreams maybe if timmy can work things out i will let you know as soon as i do cause its gonna take a bunch of hard work to make her work !!!!!!!!!!!!

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