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What is going on???

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January 2011
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Okay everyone has waited long enough, here is my thoughts on the goings on at NGS.

First, who ever is in charge needs to step up and say something! it don’t matter what, just say something. even if it is ” sorry but we are working on a few things and will have details soon as possible” anything … the nothing is killing everyone. Rules need to be put out, schedules need to be made available.and most of all, someone needs to step up and take control.

I have offered to do all I could to help get things moving, to help spread the word and have gotten no where. But I guess that is to be expected, after last year.

Lets look back, the season started with Tom Peters on the TV show “”All Revved Up” telling everyone he was “in it for the long haul” and that they had signed a 4 year lease with an option for 4 more. The first couple races went off real good without a hitch. Other than a few cars gettin upside down. Then suddenly there was trouble in Paradise, and Tom Peters decided he would rather race than argue with Timmy, now thats the story that I heard, there are others floating around but on with the story.

Timmy refused to do anything to promote the races I worked hard to get the Dalton paper to cover the races which they did for a while, but the management of NGS refused to spend any money to promote the races, relying on word of mouth and the dr to promote the races. The crowds were slowly improving but when Timmy jacked the prices it seemed to hurt the track. The payout didn’t get any better and people were wondering what were they getting for the added price….No one had any answers.

I reached out to Timmy and Tom offering my services to help do what ever I could to help the track, I worked as a asst flagman, corner worker, and even announcer, I posted results, pictures and covered the races on my blog.

I never even got a thank you from Timmy or Tom. Diane Young posted a comment on here thanking me for all I had done to help the track and that was payment enough for me.

But now we have a new season ready to start and no body is saying a word, well this is to call out who ever is in charge now, POST SOMETHING! anything but not saying anything is not working it is putting a bad taste in the mouth of all the drivers  and fans alike.

So here is my offer in writing. ……. If someone will call me and allow me to act as spokesperson for the track I will take this on and do all I can to help, I will chase sponsors paint grade the track …. what ever it takes. but let’s get this season going! before it’s to late to save the season.

Gar Dickson has told me he would be willing to work with NGS to help in any way he could as far as two night shows with NGS and Boyd’s which would really light the place up, but no one has taken me up on the offer.


I have made a few phone calls, and I was hoping to have a few answers when I posted this but no one has gotten back to me so I got a few more things up my sleeve that I can’t talk about right now but more will follow. I have been off line for a few weeks  but I am back now and ready to go to work now who is going to step up and make something happen? The ball is in NGS’s Court I am ready is the track and its owners and management?


the dr.



  1. caleb "noodle" howard says:

    im with ya there DR im willing to help out with whatever it is. i just wanna race my hometown track. cause the way its looking im gonna have to go to greenvalley or 411. now i remember a sign in murray county talking about where all there money is going no wonder its to other places!

  2. Ladybugist says:

    Hey Doc–good to see you back—sounds like you are about ready to fire them up—the way it sounds–they must want to skip this season—you know Doc–it is usually that old money thing—everyone wants something in return for what it cost—but my goodness does the profit margin have to be so high. Have a great day Doc—say hello to your family for me.

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