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January 2011
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Well since my last blog got some folks stirred up I thought I would update some of you on what is going on, at least from my point of view.

I know that there are lots of things in the works and that The Young Family is working very hard to make sure that NGS opens and we have a great season, and I have no reason to think otherwise.

It will take lots of work by lot’s of people to make this happen, and one thing that would really put a fire under those who have the power to make things happen is for a few sponsors to step up and help. Big small it don’t matter but it is gonna take some money to get this off the ground and sponsors is the best way, unless someone out there is loaded with extra cash and just wants to throw some of it at the track……. there are lots of things that could happen if we could just get a few sponsors all on the same page. So if you know of a company who could benefit from some really good exposure then have then step up they can contact me or the Young Family, or even Timmy Millwood.

Fans and drivers alike need to be beating the bushes for sponsors to help out with this season. If you want to race or watch races then now is the time to help out a little.

Look at it this way, we have a huge puzzle with lots of pieces on the table, right now its just a bunch of pieces, but with a little help it could turn in to an awesome picture worthy of hanging on a wall. From what I have seen one track (who will remain Nameless) has already outlawed one class of  NGS cars from running there, and who know’s what else could happen, come on lets get this going……..feel free to contact me anytime, if you have any idea’s or sponsors who are ready to step up….

On a more positive note, one of our local drivers and fans has put together a map with track names addresses and locations on Google, it takes lot’s of hardwork to do this and the information he has put into this is awesome. A big thanks to Travis Lawson driver of the T17 Mod Hobby car for his work on this, here is the link

As lot’s of you know I posted my pic’s taken last year on Photobucket, and I would like to know what the readers think is the best 5 pictures from last year, so I have thought about this and the only way I can think of to pic them is to make comments, so if you will go to my Photobucket page located here and make a comment on the shots you like the best I can see which one’s the readers like the best by the number of comments, please just make one comment on each shot you like, no ballot stuffing. There is no prize involved but in a week or so I will repost the top 5 pic’s on here so every one can see…..

and if anyone has any suggestions for my blog please send them too me…


the dr.


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