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dr makes 1st house call of the year…..

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February 2011
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Got a call and the dr had to make a house call today, yep, had to stop by the North Georgia Motor Sports shop and talk with Lee Gray driver of the limited #11, and Jimmy his father.

North Ga. Motorsports shop

Nothing was wrong at the Gray shop the dr was just “shopping”. Shall we say. Valentines day is coming and who wouldn’t want to get the young lady in each of us’ life a brand new set of lower control arms? Any way..

I was met with open arms and they even knew who I was. We talked about Lee’s racing and what North Georgia Motorsports can provide for our local racers. “almost any part you need” said Lee Gray “ we can have in in 2 days. “

Large stock of parts.

The Grays pride themselves on serving the everyday racer. Offering advice and almost any part you can think of. They also sell sheet metal for bodies, and anything else you may need you can reach them at 706-935-RACE they are located at 3 Earnhardt Lane ringgold Ga 30736 give them a shot next time you need something, the dr does.

the dr sat on that stool......

No news to report on the NGS Saga, still waiting for all parties to get on the same page and finalize something, I know lots of people are working hard behind the scenes to get NGS open for the coming season, so keep those involved in your prayers.

News coming soon regarding the dr’s plans for 2011… will I be writing for NGS? Will I be twisting wrenches for a car? Or could I actually get back in a car? Who knows… any one got any guess’s? Lets hear them… we all need a good laugh!


the dr.


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