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Racing starts soon!!!!

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February 2011
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First race at NGS will be April 2, with a practice the weekend before.

There are a few changes, there  will no longer be an Econo hobby class, it will now be B hobby, with rules same as Boyd Speedway, and A hobby or Mod hobby rules will stay the same.

Supers will be limited to an 8 inch spoiler on all cars regardless of motor.

Stock pony’s will be coming back along with Mod Pony’s.

Limiteds remain the same

Crates remain the same


No rule changes in any other classes.

I do know that inspections will be held for different classes on a surprise basis. you will never know when your class will be checked or what class will be checked. but I have been told they WILL be happening.

Grading will start tomorrow on the new clay, getting it ready for the season opener in April.

If anyone has a new car and you would like to see it on my blog send me a photo of it and class and alll of that and I will be posting some in the next few weeks…

Any one interested in being highlighted in a driver profile contact me and we will get the ball rolling.

you can contact me at

I want to thank all the people who have stepped up and helped make this possible, giving us a place to race this season. The names are too many to list and most would rather names not be mentioned.

Timmy Millwood has worked hard to make this happen and he deserves a big thank you for all his hard work and efforts and to the Young family for pitching in and getting this going, So come on out and support NGS and your favorite drivers this year.

See you April 2


the dr.


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