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Work in progress!!!!

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February 2011
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Work is going great at the track! I stopped by and Talked with the folks who were there working this morning, painting, (I couldn’t believe they were able to get Kelly Young to show up and actually work!) grading and going thru the equipment and seeing what was needing repairs and what else was needed.

A very special thank you goes out to Jody Millard of Millard Pest Control for stepping up and helping with this season without him, this may not of happened, after all he is one bad dude! … ummm bugman. So help support those who support us, if you need a bugman give Jody a call 423-877-0111.

Some of the improvements you can expect this coming year is improved sound system, painting, bleachers repaired, new clay and there will be a few new faces this year as the track makes improvements and gets things ready. Things will be a lot like last season but with some inprovements that I think will make everyone , drivers and fans alike happy.

I have posted some pictures I took today when I was there.

I have a new driver profile coming very soon so stay tuned for that, I am sure everyone will like it.


the dr.’

Kelly Young works on the painting

from Start line looking into turn 1

looking down the back straight

entrance to turn 3


  1. Ladybugist says:

    Looks like a good looking track Doc—-do they have cover-alls to put on when you come in the gate? LOL

  2. Lisa Bearden says:

    So good to hear that the track is going to be up and running again this year. If help is needed please let us know, Shannon and I would be glad to do what we can to make sure we have a place to race.

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