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NGS Season opener almost here!….

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March 2011
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The New Victory Lane!

The season at NGS is almost ready to start! Timmy Millwood and his team have been working overtime to get things ready for this coming season. Making improvements to the track with new paint, new dirt, new sections of Fence, improvements to the sound systems.

I am pleased to announce that Tony Ray will be back on the microphone as announcer for this season, but please keep Tony in your prayers, he had a small mishap at work this past week and injured his shoulder, requiring surgery, but I talked to Tony yesterday and he assured me he will be ready to go come April 2nd.

And speaking of April Second, that will be the first race with a full program of classes and racing make sure you mark your calender for this night of racing.

I know over the winter lots of people were pretty hard on Timmy Millwood, and Timmy took it in stride, but now it is starting to show that his time was not wasted, the dirt looks super fast, the track shows that lots of work has been done, so when you show up for the practice or the season opener please stop Timmy and shake his hand and let him know his hard work has been noticed,

I have talked to Terry Bingham and he said that this year there will be more tech inspections than in the past, to help make sure everyone is legal, and he will be looking at cars at the upcoming practice making sure that drivers know what will be legal and what may have to be changed.

SPECIAL NOTE to the Mod Pony drivers. the rules at NGS for Mod Pony will be the same as last year, there have been no changes in this class, the tracks website has not been updated but Mod Pony will be run in addition to bringing back the Stock Pony’s.

The first practice will be March 26 7:00 til 10:30

I will be posting updates as I get them, so now you know, go get your cars ready and fans get your racin shoes on and LETS GO RACIN!!!!!


the dr.



  1. Theresa says:

    Looking good Mitch. Glad to see its opening back up. I know alot of people are glad to see that. Thanks for posting the pictures for all to see the progress.

  2. Madison Bishop says:

    track looks real good can’t wait ready 4 some racin.

  3. ken hixson says:

    A hobby rules the same as Boyds speedway?

    • drflavio309 says:

      the answers dont change if you ask them more than once……lol no they B hobby rules are the same as boyds….. not A hobby..
      the dr.

  4. ken hixson says:

    Is the A Hobby rules the same as the Cleveland speedway rules? What does it pay to win and what is the pay back?

    • drflavio309 says:

      no the a hobby rules are posted on the tracks website and on here they are NOT the same as the other track or Boyd’s.. the blog says the rules for A hobby are the same as last year….. and as far as what it pays to win I would suggest you call the track. phone numbers are listedon tracks website..
      the dr.

  5. ken hixson says:

    Is the A Hobby rules the same as the Boyd’s speedway rules?

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