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News Flash!!!! And Practice …..

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March 2011
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I just spoke with Steve Stroupes and he has told me that not only will Mod Hobby be racing for $350.00 this coming Saturday night,

Now onto last night’s practice, 64 cars showed up and found an awesome race track to race on! In all my years of racing I have never seen a track so ready to go on new clay the first time it was raced on! Derek Ellis and David Payne found it to thier liking too with both of them in the low low 13 second laps. Limiteds say some blistering times from the likes of Jamie Lunsford in his new car looking mighty fine, and the ever fast B4 of Brian Jackson both of them in the very low 14second laps.

Some of the Mod Hobby regulars were there with “Mr Smooth” Delbett Haynes and his #11 taking some smoking laps carrying the left front a good bit before he loaded it up with a big smile on his face. “I know what I got and I got a little more” Delbert said as he loaded his car after 2 sessions. Larry Higgins had Mickey Long’s #20 turning some very fast laps, new faces in the Mod Hobby ranks were the 64 of Glenn “Double G” Grimsley and Donnie Patterson in his first race car. both looked really good getting used to the new cars. Derek Chapman was there making some very smooth laps also.

Chip Burke brought both of his cars down and him and Chip Brindle had some fun racing each other checking things out. all in all it was a great night and lots of laps by some drivers getting used to the new cars.

Rumor has it even Grady Stokes stepped out of his #27 hot rod Mmod pony car to take a few laps in a crate car! Way to go Grady. looked really good,. And speaking of the Mod Pony cars, hats off to Caleb Howard and Natasha Stokes both of whom were there showing that the hard work this winter had paid off with good handling cars and really fast lap times.

I can’t wait til this coming Saturday night when a full field will take the green for some smoking hot laps!

I want to put out a very special thanks to Timmy Millwood for the awesome effort he has put forth getting North Georgia Speedway ready for racing! And Thanks to Steve Stroupes, for all his hard work pulling all this together. Damn good Job guys damn good job!


the dr.


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