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Season Opener at NGS!

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April 2011
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North Georgia Speedway Opener!!!!


After rain all week and the first practice moved to last Tuesday, the season finally got under way with some great racing.

At the start of the night the track looked good smooth and tacky but that would soon change as the track had water truck problems but finally got some water on the new clay. After hot laps the heats started, with Mod Hobby since the new “B hobby” class only had 5 cars they would go straight to a 20 lap feature, heat 1 saw Bo Eaton and Jason Walston take them to the green but it didn’t take Booger Brooks and Larry Higgins long to get to the front and put on a show, with Brooks taking the heat win. Heat 2 saw Travis Lawson and Jr Whitner lead the pack into turn one with Lawson showing he finally had the T17 car sorted out as he lead Whitner to turn one but pushed up and Whitner got around him a few cautions later, it was Tim Ford taking the heat win followed by Tom Darby.

Crates run heats next with Jeff Smith returning to his winning ways by taking the first heat and multi time Track Champ Doug Kilgore taking the second heat. Setting up a awesome front row for the feature.

Limited’s qualified this week with one lap and the T6 of Todd Hernandez setting fast time with a 14.028. The supers qualified next and it was the Ditchdigger Derek Ellis setting fast time in his #99 Super late model with a time of 13.529 and “the X-Man” Shaun Chastain was hot on his heels with a 13.536.

Then came the features…… B Hobby was first with Booger Brooks doing double duty in the 45 car, and he looked to be the car to beat til electrical woes sent him to the pits then it was Lee Harbin taking the lead with only 4 cars on the track but Brooks had fixed his issues and he was coming strong til a spin sent him to the back again…… but at the line it was Harbin taking the checkers…

The Mod Hobby Feature rolled out next and with a full field of cars proved to be a great race with Higgins and Brooks putting on a show, lots of new cars in this class due to the rule changes that elimanated the Econo class forcing lots of drivers to move up. But it was a great race with Booger Brooks taking his very first win at NGS and Higgins second followed by Mark Bishop in the 11 and Greg Ledford 4th.

Crates rolled out for their feature next and it was more of the same from last year with Jeff Smith showing that he was STILL a force to be reckoned with taking an early lead, Kenny Kizzar in the 22 car and Doug Kilgore in the 44 gave chase but it was all Jeff Smith, giving him ….. who knows how many wins at NGS, Kizzar in a new car looked good in second challenging Jeff once or twice but he had nothing for Smith and the TEAM 17 Hill Motorsport car.

When the limited’s rolled out it was all Todd Hernandez in the T6 as he walked away with the win, with the 71 of Spencer Singleton and Lee Gray following Todd to the checkered.

Then out came the supers for the main event, it was Derek Ellis and David Payne taking early lead, while the Chattanooga Flash sneaking in late and starting mid pack but as the laps counted down Ronnie Johnson worked his way thru traffic and was picking them off one by one finally running out of laps and settling for second as he got by David Payne at the line.

Stock Pony rolled out next and it was Lamar Cook taking the win.

Mod Pony took the track for the final race of the night and it was Grady Stokes and Billy Callahan putting on a show but Billy didn’t have anything for Grady and his Stokes racing Pony car with grady taking the win.

Other than the track drying out it was a great night of racing and the track stayed really smooth all night and never came apart.

Next week we will see the big show of the VRS as they invade NGS for the first big show of the year along with a full racing program.


The dr.

Is this a new Driver for the B39? Sara Burke




  1. bb king says:

    excellent write up! thank you

  2. LynnL says:

    Fun to read after watching the action! Thanks for the great write up!

  3. Madison Bishop says:

    excellent racin in all divisons hobby was an awesome wit my brother mark bishop gettin a top 5 finish.

  4. B Evans says:

    You mentioned twice that the B Hobby class didnt have but 5 cars and made it seem like its the track’s fault for the low car count.
    I seem to remember that they had the same problem with getting cars in the Econo class last year.

    Also the wind blowing all day had a lot to do with the track drying out.

    • drflavio309 says:

      I don’t see how I blamed the track for the low car count, not once did I say it was the tracks fault, I simply mentioned that there was only 5 cars, and I don’t remember anytime last year where only 5 econo cars showed up… I could be wrong, so if you know of a date that only 5 econo cars showed let me know and I will correct myself. and yeah the wind had something to do with the track condition… as did the water truck pump blowing up… you seem to be trying to make it look like I was downing the track, in no way did I do that, no where… but thanks for reading..
      the dr.

      • B Evans says:

        Two times you alluded to the reason that there was only 5 cars in the B Hobby was because of the rule change…”since the new “B hobby” class only had 5 cars they would go straight to a 20 lap feature & lots of new cars in this class due to the rule changes that elimanated the Econo class forcing lots of drivers to move up”.

        Also here are a couple of dates that there were only 5 cars in the Econo Hobby last year…

        7-17 2010

        Econo Hobby

        1 #7 Justin Thomas

        2 #44 John Paul

        3 #64 Glenn Grimsley

        4 #41 Kerri Byers


        Econo Hobby

        1 Tom Peters

        2 John Paul

        3 Howard Price

        4 Tom Darby

        Apparent winner C12 Derek Chapman was DQ’ed after it was found he had illegal engine

        Also another couple of times that they had 7 cars or less…


        Econo hobby

        1 #7 Justin Thomas

        2 #8 Dale Fortner

        3 #8 Brandon Francis

        4 #C12 Derek Chapman

        5 #64 Glenn Grimsley

        6 #72 Dave Fletcher

        7 #17 Jake Pilgrim


        Econo Hobby

        1 #7 Justin Thomas

        2 #111 Tom Darby

        3 #D20 Joe Dockery

        4 #64 Glenn Grimsley

        5 #44 Dave Fletcher in John Pauls car.

        6 #C12 Bobby Chapman

        These were taken directly from your blogs last year so i’m assuming they are correct.

        My point is that the Econo class rarely had a “full field” last year either. Maybe the answer is to make the rules where both types of cars can be legal & competitive at the same time.

  5. drflavio309 says:

    the nights you mentioned, are the feature results, that don’t mean only that many cars were there…. and I was not blaming the track just offering an explaination of why the car count was so low in B hobby … I am not a fan of dropping econo hobby but I understand why things happen. and yeah a combined class would be nice…. but finding a set of rules that would make everyone happy is going to be hardd to do… the steel body cars want weight breaks and the alum bodied cars dont want to beat and bang with the steel body cars, so its hard to find a set of rules that fits…. so they are trying it this way… that is all I am saying… if you have read my blogs for a while you should know if I have an opinion I voice it I don’t beat around the bush… lol
    the dr.

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