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Chip Brindle Wins!!!!!

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April 2011
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Delbert Haynes Carried the Flag.

Local driver Chip Brindle flat took ’em to school last night as he put on a very strong show in his new #21B Norman Bryson owned Barry Wright race car. At the drop of the green it was all Brindle as he started out turning laps in the 12.99 second range showing the big boys that this was HIS track and he knew how to get around it. Billy Ogle gave chase but he had nothing for Chip as lap after lap he just pulled away, Ronnie “The Chattanooga Flash” Johnson had a good run but not strong enough as he battled with local driver and multi time Track Champ Gary McPherson .Finishing behind Brindle at the line was Ogle, Jonathan Davenport, Gary McPherson and Ronnie Johnson.

Playing the National Anthem was PVT.1st class Jeremy Bates on the trumpet, he dedicated it to our Military in Honor of Joey Jones, Edgar Jones, and John Kilpatrick. John is his cousin in the war in Afganistan, Joey is Jeff Jones nephew that got wounded, and Edgar is Jeffs Dad who passed away 3yrs ago whos birthday was yesterday. It was one of the most touching renditions I have ever heard.

The limited feature saw Brian Jackson and Jerry Bradley start on the front row but as the race wore on here come the T6 of Todd Hernandez and he was not to be denied as he raced to the line for his 2nd win at NGS this season. Following him to the line it was Spencer Singleton, Brian Jackson and Trig Parrish.

The crate race seemed like a repeat of almost every race last year with the TEAM17 of Jeff Smith taking the lead and never looking back, Kayne Hickman in the A-1 Towing #A-1 was second, Aaron Wheat was 3rd and Kenny Kizzar was 4th.

Due to only one B hobby car showing up there was no b hobby race and the one b hobby car was added to the back of the Mod hobby field.

Mod Hobby was a huge field with 19 cars taking the green with Mark bishop and Larry Higgins on the front row. But at the finish line it was Greg Ledford for his first win this season, followed by Jr Whitner, Larry Higgins and Mark Bishop, and Delbert Haynes.

Ralph Langston won Stock pony and Jimmy Elliott won Mod Pony, Pony driver Grady Stokes was driving a Crate car tonight so Jeff Jarrett filled in for him in the 27.

With great racing in all classes it was a great night of racing, and the track looked really good, and super fast.

There were some rules announced at drivers meeting more on those in next blog.


the dr.

Vic "The Thrilll" Hill

Ronnie "The Chattanooga Flash" Johnson



  1. Eric Hamby says:

    From what I hear the B – Hobby was a disaster 2 weeks straight?? Who’s with me on trying to get the Econo Hobbys back????


  2. Madison Bishop says:

    Great Racin in all divisions

  3. Madison Bishop says:

    I talked 2 timmy saturday after the mod pony race waz over had 2 go talk 2 him bout some mod hobby rules and he said that B-Hobbys r done there will only b 1 hobby class he gave them the chance 2 come and have their own class and they blowed it if a B-Hobby comes and races it will have 2 race n mod hobby.

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