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NGS Roars again!

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May 2011
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Another awesome night of racing!
The track looked good, management brought back a class then dropped last week Econo hobby, and the super late models had the night off. But it didn’t hinder things not one bit, with the return of Econo’s it affected 2 classes really with Mod Hobby now being just Mod Hobby’s and Econo’s getting their own class back it improved the racing across the board.
As the night got started the crowd was thrilled with 2 Econo heats first one was won by Tom Peters in a great battle with Justin Thomas, and the second was won by defending Econo track champ Glenn Grimsley in dominating style. Then they roll out the Mod hobby field for two heats. Multi time track champ Delbert Haynes held off a very hard charging Jordan Rodabaugh to win the first one and Greg Suderth held off Derek Chapman to win the second.
After the Crates and Limiteds qualified it was Jeff Smith topping the crate field and Devin Dilbeck taking top spot in limited.
Then the fun started with the feature for the newly brought back Econo hobby’s. Lots of drivers had been asking for this both to have their own class back and to help put more parity in the Mod hobby field so the call went out last Monday telling drivers that if there was 10 cars to run Econo this week they would bring the class back, well 12 cars signed in and there was a few that couldn’t make it due to the recent tornado’s that hit our area. But what a great job the Econo’s done getting their class back and they didn’t let anyone down with great racing. It was a 3-car break away at first with Justin Thomas, Tom Peters and defending Econo track champ Glenn Grimsley. Joe Dockery spun on lap 6 and had to go to the rear but it only served to “inspire” him as he came from the back to run 3rd, coming to the line it was the 7 car of Justin Thomas and Tom Peters neck and neck with Tom Peters looping the car coming off of turn 4 in front of the field almost causing a major pileup but all cars got around with Grimsley taking second Dockery taking 3rdand Tyler Williams rounding out the top 4. Great Job guys it was an awesome race.
Mod Hobby rolled out next with Delbert Haynes and Greg Suderth on the front row, and at first it looked like it was going to be a run away with the white 11 car of Haynes setting sail and running off but the battle was behind him as Jordan Rodabaugh was running Delbert down, Mark Bishop goes up in a cloud of smoke , found out later it was a bad oil plug pumping oil on the header but the last 5 laps it was all Haynes an Rodabaugh, with the younger Rodabaugh trying high, low, right and left but couldn’t get around Mr Smooth Delbert Haynes so at the line it was Haynes, Rodabaugh, Greg Suderth and Jr Whitner top 4. Great racing thru out the field and a special tip of the hat to Delbert Haynes on his 73 career win. And also a special note to Jordan Rodabaugh this kid drove his heart out trying to get around the 11 of Haynes and these two battling like that is what the fans come to see, great job guys.
Next up it was the ever popular crates with the TEAM17 17S of Jeff Smith and the A-1 of Kayne Hickman on the front row and at the drop of the green it was all Jeff Smith but Kayne Hickman was out to show he was there, looking for a way around Smith, and with 18 laps on the board he dove inside of Smith getting into turn one and they were side by side down the back straight but coming to the line it was the A-1 of Kayne Hickman followed by Jeff Smith, Craig Burrows and Allen Green. However, at the scale things changed, the TEAM17 filing a protest against the A-1 car of Hickman. Hickman was in the pits calling car owners Teresa and Mike Simmons to find out what to do, and he hung up the phone and declined to tear down giving the win to Jeff Smith. Some say he was illegal, some say it cost more to tear down than the protest pays but rules are rules and they are the same for everyone.
Then Came the barnburner! Devin Dilbeck and Trig Parris, who were the two fastest in qualifying, leading the field to the green, but it was the 32 of Shannon Beardon who put on the show coming from 5th starting spot passing high, low picking off cars one by one on his way to the front, no one had anything for the Blue Ridge Ga Driver as he took the lead and never looked back winning in dominating fashion, followed to the line by, Devin Dilbeck, Spencer Singleton, and Lee Gray rounding out the top 4.

Stock pony saw some cars up on two wheels as Ralph Langston tried to put the 14 car where it didn’t quite fit and drove over the rear wheel of a lapped car, but managed to get back on all 4 but at the line it was the Z4 of Matthew Gainer and the X41 of Lamar Cook.
Mod Pony was a good race as Wendell Ingram took the 27 of Grady Stokes who has moved up to Crates and set sail looking very fast but it was the 32 of Billy Callahan coming from shotgun on the field to reel Ingram in and take the lead and the win Ingram spun with just a few laps remaining and had to go to the rear but managed to drive back to second .
Even without the super’s it was a great night of racing, great to see the track bring back the Econo Hobby cars who turned out in good numbers to show they wanted their class back and they didn’t disappoint the fans putting on a great show.
It was announced in the drivers meeting that there would be some rule changes in the coming weeks to bring NGS rules more in line with Boyd’s rules so stay tuned for that info soon as I get it….

The dr.



  1. SLY 1 says:

    Everytime I read your blogs DR I wish I was up there to see the races, great blog buddy,but put some pictures on them.

    • drflavio309 says:

      Sly, I had an incident recently and Broke my Canon and until I can replace it I will be using pic’s drom a local photog who lives really close to Ringgold Ga where the swtorms hit and he don’t have internet as yet he is working on getting me some pic’s today and when he does I will be posting them.He is getting pretty good, I may need to hurry and get my camera fixed. thanks for your comments your the best! and your welcome on our trailer ANYTIME you want to join us you and the missus both. Love ya Andy.

      the dr.

  2. Rosie says:

    As always Dr. you keep everyone informed of the goings on at the track. I always enjoy reading these blogs..I can see where everybody ends up since I no longer go to NGS. Keep up the good work =)

  3. i sure am glade to heir that NGS is-roars again i love that track and every one we really enjoy the good food love u all and keep it going ok

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