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More NGS news….

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More news From NGS!!!!

I spoke with Mark Wooten this afternoon about the remainder of the season and I feel really good about it. Mark told me that he wants the “old NGS” back, like it used to be when it was fun to race at North Ga. And I see him doing just that. Mark told me “ Doc, I want to see things back like they were when me, Chris Zimmerman and you were racing back in 96 “ and I for one believe him.

Mark has been overwhelmed since this decision was made for him to run the track last night, and he is working very hard to get things in place so we can go racing. Mark has also opened up the line of communication so if you have questions you can contact him thru an e-mail, since he also works a full time job this is the best way to get answers from him, he has assured me that he will respond to all emails the best that he can, may nit be right away but he promises that he will get to each of them.

The rules will be as posted on the tracks website at the start of the year. With the same classes running, with one exception, econo Hobby, but Mark has told me that if there is enough support for this class he will be more than happy to bring this class back so all the Econo hobby drivers need to send Mark an email and let him know that your willing to run Econo at NGS this season, I know that this was done right before the track closed recently but we are starting fresh with a new promoter and this is how it has to be, so all the econo drivers who showed up for the last race at NGS and turned out 12 cars we need your support again, this time please please contact Mark Wooten at if there is interest then the class will be back.

I think this is one of the best moves the track could of made in this economy so lets all get out there and support our track….

The pay out has not been worked out as yet things are moving pretty fast so look for that info soon as it is available..

Any Questions you may have Mark has said he will do all he can to get them answered just send him an email and he will answer soon as he can.

Lets give him a while to get things worked out and I think we will see just how good NGS can be….

I will do all I can to keep everyone posted on information as it comes available and will post updates as they come to me….


the dr.


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