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More news From NGS….

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I just received this from Mark Wooten and thought I would pass it along, this is the sort of thing that is going to make Mark a success in his endeavor at NGS with his willingness to talk to the fans and drivers, letting them know what is going on ans how things are going to be, I hope each of you will join me at North Georgia Speedway this coming weekend for some awesome racing and seeing old friends.

But for now, the dr is headed to Rome Speedway so if you see me down there  PLEASE walk up and say hi and introduce yourself… I love meeting the fans and readers, tell you what, this is kind of sudden and off the cuff, BUT that is how I do things,. If you walk up and have your pic taken with the dr then I will pic one person and give them a free  General admission pass to the races next week at NGS!! so look me up, now this is for fans, not drivers! so now off to the races, 


the dr.

Note from the Promoter

I would like to personally invite everyone out to North Georgia Speedway for the reopening of the 2011 season. I am very excited to get back to racing, and also very honored to be named the new track promoter. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the support of the racers, fans, and community. I am very passionate about this racetrack, and this great sport of dirt track racing. I have been around racing all my life, began racing in 1989, and was fortunate enough to win quite a few races and some championships. I have also been fortunate enough to work beside the past five promoters at NGS, and have became friends with promoters from tracks all over the South. I enjoy learning about different tracks and seeing how they operate, and I hope to bring some of that knowledge to the table at NGS.

I know there will be a learning curve, and I am aware of the uphill battle that lies in front of me and the entire staff. I just ask that the fans and racers bear with us, and we will do the best we can possibly do to put on a great show for everyone. I would also appreciate everyone understanding that I do have a 8 to 5 daily job, and respect that with the phone calls if I do not immediately answer. I will return calls, but I do have to pay the bills. The best way to get in touch with me is actually through text or email. Currently, there is a very long list to return, so once again, please bear with me and don’t think you are being ignored.

I don’t feel as if I am taking on this adventure by myself. If it wasn’t for the great staff, this would not be possible. I am more of a delegator than a leader, and everyone will be responsible for their specific job. I can’t express my enthusiasm in writing. I look forward to seeing everyone at the track, and if we haven’t met, please run me down and introduce yourself! Let’s get the greatest sport on the planet back to where it should be, and let’s sling some good ‘ol red dirt at North Georgia Speedway!

Thank You Very Much,

Mark Wooten

Y’all Have a Good ‘Un


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