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the dr goes to Rome…..

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May 2011
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Editors Note: I have been raked over the coals by lots of people who think this is bashing Rome Speedway, I in no way intended this as a bash, it is simply what I saw, and went thru. I write what I see.

the dr.


The dr’s trip to Rome…….

I must say that It has been a while since I made the trip to Rome Speedway, and after last night, It will be a while before I ever go back, if I ever do.

The night started with no drivers meeting, you had to look for a schedule of what the line up was going to be and while at NGS it is posted at various places around the track, but at Rome, you have to climb over heavy equipment that has been sitting in the same place for years, but back to the story, there was no drivers meeting, to let people know what was going on, or who was going out when, there was no friendly officials to show you where, to line up.

The announcer was bragging that they had put 300 loads of new clay on the track, well there forgot a few places, there were really really bad dips getting into turns 1 and turn 3 and the track was coming apart real bad in lots of places. Was amazed to see pony cars lifting the left front wheel,not because it was fast and hooked up, but because the dip was so bad. I got to see the underside of a bunch of race cars as they tried to get thru the dip, I think there was one or two who had to down shift to get up out of the hole…..but back to the story.

The car count was really good with lots of cars in each class, in some classes almost to many but the night got underway with about 3 hot laps for each class then the crates got heats , the limited got heats the supers qualified and then straight to the features for the “Bombers” or Hobby cars at any other track. The voice on the raceciever only talked to the regular Rome Speedway drivers, totally ignoring the others, unless they done something he didn’t like. I was amazed the track allowed cars with parts hanging off to race, seemed pretty dangerous to me. Not to mention that the exit off the track was also the only way into the scale area and to get to the scales you had to drive thru the staging area.

The racing wasn’t as good as it could have been with drivers having to avoid the ruts and holes, and pass cars at the same time. All in all I was not impressed with the track or the way it was ran.

44 – Clint Smith
87 – Derek Rainey
81 – Aaron Ridley
1N – Jordy Nipper
29 – Gary McPherson
66 – Jody Knowles

Started 24 cars 7 finished….. 14 had dropped out by lap 18

84 – Jason Smith
99 – Rucker Orr
40 – Chris Fennell
22 – Michael Brewer
B77 – SHane Barrett

77 – Doug Stephens
22 – Allan Brewer
s14 – Aaron Wilson
7 – Donald McIntosh
91 – Guy Robinson

15 – Greg Ledford
89 – Kirk Atkins
39 – Timmy Millwood
17 – Roy Patterson
xXx – Bo Eaton

51 – David Beam
D22 – Daniel Brewer
21 – Eric Hamby
99 – Corey Wright
G7 – Gooch Spriggs

x4 – Grady Stokes
80 – Benton Morris
25 – Jeremy Millsaps
17 – Lee Sisson
06 – Bruce Lovitt


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