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NGS Re-opening news!

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June 2011
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The re-opening of NGS was a very long night to say the least, but I have been asked by Mark Wooten to tip the hat to Richard Harvey for his hard work manning the roller Saturday night at the track. It is great to see the promoter from one track helping the other  Thanks Mr. Harvey not just from the track but from the fans and from the dr. .

Mark also asked me to pass along the following quote” I take full responsibility for no National Anthem an no prayer Saturday night, I was distracted and that is no excuse, it will NEVER happen again.”  Evewn trhough things didn’t go exactly as planed Saturday night it was a learning experience for everyone, Mark said he is working on making improvements and tweaking things to make things run smoother next week. I think his willingness to admit his mistakes and his effort to work toward fixing them says alot. No he isn’t perfect, no he won’t please everyone everytime, but he does have the best interest of the track in mind and he is working toward that every day….

If you have any idea’s for improvements please contact him at  Mark is open to idea’s to improve things. Let’s all support the track and make it work!


the dr.


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  1. caleb howard says:

    Dr nicely said. Other than the late night it was a great night back at north ga. I think mark being the new promotor is going to be a wonderful thing. Thanks mark for steppin up to the plate.

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